REALLY struggling!


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I am really struggling.

I came home from uni and weighed myself this morning - 15 stone 2 lbs. Before I went to Australia at Christmas I was 14 stone 3 lbs, so I have put on almost 1 stone since then.

I've been thinking about all the issues I have...

Exercise: I don't exercise! I can't afford the gym. I did go out for a few walks on my own but got bored - even though I had books on tape/music. No one else in the flat wants to come. I have just bought an exercise bike. Luckily I am now slightly addicted to it! Most days I am doing 18 miles a day, lowest I will do is 6 miles a day. It only takes 20 minutes per 6 miles so I have no excuse. So, hopefully my exercisd problem is sorted!

Calories: I have been doing this diet since last April. I lost 3 1/2 stone (very proud of this!) on about 1000-1200 calories a day. However, the majority of this was done whilst living at home. I try to have the same amount of calories now, but actually am ending up too low. I think I need to stick with 1200.

Meals: I am fine with my meals. Have been getting a lot more fruit and veg in me. I don't have breakfast - but being a student, I generally lie in anyway, so my lunch is when I get up! :)

Bingeing: Oh God... where to start!? I now live above a Tesco - I have a perfect day calorie wise, will do really well, and then come up with an excuse to go to Tescos and also buy some junk and then ruin my day! I know my problem is that I get bored - not hungry. I have healthy snacks - I just feel the need to have crisps or chocolate! No idea how to stop this other than self control which I am seriously lacking in at the moment.

Alcohol: I drink too much. I am a student - average about 2 nights out a week, but can be from 1 to 4 really. And I get smashed. I don't do things lightly - I can't have a couple of drinks. I wish I could - it's a bit sad that I need to drink so much.

Calories earnt through exercise: I want to save these. I think I need to be sensible and eat 1400 calories on days that I do over 12 miles cycling This earns me about 500 extra calories. I get tempted to eat these though in the evening - I justify it as earning them but I should really just save them!

So.... If I can see these problems, why am I ignoring them?!

I really, really need some extra motivation. Any tips anyone? PLEASE!?! :)
Your exercise bike sounds brilliant and it sounds like you've got a really good routine going with it. I can't exercise much at all, so you're doing much MUCH better than I am!

As far as the other bits go, it all boils down to what you want. I find it easier to stick to the diet when that's more important than everything else because losing weight is what I want more than everything else. If that makes sense?

I've started drinking slimline tonic quite a bit when I go out. Because gin's quite a subtle flavour, I don't really miss the 'G' in a G&T. It's cheaper and it still feels like I'm drinking :D It's a different life as a student though (I remember it well!) and I can totally understand where you're coming from with that.

Stick a note on the back of your front door - no to Tesco! Stay strong! You can do this!
Hi guys just reading your post......Well this is my 1st wk on the diet, been doing really well so far...But the wknd is my downfall and cos im stayin at my bfs this wknd, ima bit worried as all he eats is junk and i DO NOT wanna cave in!!.......helpppp
I used to find Minimins really useful.... I think I have stopped using it as much as I used to - still use it a lot though! Back when I first joind in April, there were a few more calorie counters who were either around the same age as me, or a student like me, so I think I found that useful.

Tesco is becoming the biggest downfall. The alcohol I can cope with, because I have actually overcome the previous biggest problem which was eating badly the whole day because I knew I would be going out. Now, I am able to have a healthy day and then drink. So, I guess if I can overcome that, I can overcome the Tesco issue!

And, I do generally stick with vodka anyway. I'll have vodka at home, and I hardly buy drinks when I'm out.

I live with a really skinny (size 6/8) girl, and 7 boys who are at that age when they can eat as much as they want and it won't effect them. The girl eats so much rubbish and I swear is that sort of shape where you know they will NEVER put weight on!

I have so many things to motivate me- I just seem to forget them.

I'm going to write a list - I did this right at the beginning - and I will have this by my bed to read every day to remind me of all the great things I can achieve with this weight loss!
be careful with the alcohol :( my two years in uni left me with a borderline liver function problem and I didn't go out half as much as you say you do!
I had the same problem, too, I couldn't drink in moderation, I'd just get leathered then worry about it the next day. when we're over weight, our livers are under more stress anyway. just because we're teens/early twenties, we think we're invincible but we're really not.

I don't don't know what would have happened if a routine blood test (coz i changed doctors) didn't catch it. I would have carried on drinking, certainly, and might have died
Your calorie count is too low. When you stop exercising to that level, eventually, and you will, because other stuff takes priority (that's normal!) you will be forced to lower your calories again to maintain your loss never mind continue losing. You'll end up below 1000 or regain, as millions do, been there, bought the bigger t shirts, not this time round though thankfully. Go with 1800 and exercise 5 hours a week. Seriously. Offer to walk a dog if you get bored with walking, but walking should be part of your day anyway, slim or not. Fresh air and vitamin D leads to better sleep that will regulate your hormones.

Ah Tesco... my deal is that I don't carry cash on the way home. Leave the cash in the bank and do something else in the evening. If you must snack, bake some diabetic biscuits or something (I say diabetic because that way of eating is healthy). I'm a takeaway fiend myself and pass 2 from the bus stop to the house. Also, take a photo of yourself. It's stings but when you want to go down and shop, look at it and remind yourself why their profits matter a whole lot less than your toned, taut body. See them as the moneygrabbing enemy, the challenge is to resist.

Finally, I stopped going into the takeaway when I realised they could set their watch by me and my greed. Once a week is fine, more is embarrassing. When they know my face and know I'm here to binge with this belly... the shame got to me.

You are so important to all the people who love you, you're so young still, get rid of the weight now and your life will be so much easier, better than you can imagine without your appetite always reminding you of who is boss. You are! Good luck!
Are you still in Australia??

I know in Sydney, Australia there is a few walking and fitness groups that meet several times a week.

anyone can just show up and best of all it's free since it doesn't use the gym.

Walking groups do hikes or walk trails in sydney and the fitness groups normally use the beach for bootcamp trainings or they do more fun activities like group sports like volleyball, rockclimbing etc
I've found that keeping myself busy in the evenings are key to keeping me out of the fridge. So I've started doing most of my exercise at temptations times - 8pm onwards. You seem to be going great guns on the bike - could you consider moving your exercise time to help you fight the boredom snacking?