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Really Struggling :(

S: 17st1lb C: 11st9lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 5st6lb(31.8%)
Hi all,

Resident whinger here :(

I am really really struggling at the moment :cry:

I am eating the right things and exercising etc and the weight just isn`t budging :cry:

I lost 4lbs my first week, 2-3lbs the second week and this week have so far gained 2lbs!!!!!!! :cry:

This is last chance saloon for me, So I don`t know what else I can do if they don`t work.

Yesterday I cheated and had a fillet burger from KFC - 15.9g per burger as I have no kitchen at the moment and thought sod it, I`m not losing the bloody weight anyway!

I have had no side effects whatsoever :confused: So am wondering if the tablets just don`t work on me??

I have never had any side effects since starting them (not that i`m complaining) but neither am I having the weight loss everyone else is having :(

I have my first weigh in with the Dr on Thurs and am dreading it :( Dunno if she`ll even give me more pills if I haven`t lost a decent amount of weight? I am considering asking her for a referral for a TT as my main problem is my hideous stomach :cry: No matter what I do, My tummy stays the same :(

I have had 4 children, 1 section and 1 major abdominal surgery (more or less a section without cutting into the womb) which included having to rupture my bladder whilst in my last pregnancy so my tummy is pretty FUBAR so am hoping that they might consider me for one as I don`t think I would ever get rid of it even if I lost all my excess weight. I have also managed to lose just under 2 stone before coming to this brick wall, So it`s not as if I haven`t tried.

Sorry to be such a whinging old bag :( I have tried not to post but only seem to manage to stay away a couple of days :sigh:

Hope you all have great weekends, I am praying my kitchen is finally finished so that I can get back on track properly.

LiSe Xx
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Oh i do feel for you i struggle sometimes my husband made me think yesterday when he said 'you lost more weight on sw' which i did however the difference is that i felt very restricted on sw and on this one i am finding i can eat lots of things in the lower fat version so although its coming off slower i am enjoying it more.

I think you have hit the 2 stone mark and both times i went on sw i lost 2 stone then hit a wall and stopped loosing, i made the mistake of giving up but wish i hadnt as i gained it all back and now have to loose it all again!! I think that once you have lost 2 stone then it becomes harder and you have to make small adjustments to try and help it, maybe cut out some carbs for me cutting bread helps.

You have done so well and it would be a shame to give up, forget the kfc burger, i am suprised you didnt have side effects from it when did you take the tablet? I ate chips the other day left over from kids when we ate out and boy the side effects were orange!! was nothing bad but just next time i went to toilet it was bright orange! sorry tmi!!!


New Clare

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Hey lady! If you think we are just going to let you give up and walk away... think again!
We are all here for you and never stay away again because you think you're whinging.
You just need a little help to get yourself back in to the right frame of mind.
I'm going to watch out for you on msn over the weekend so that we can have a little chat and try to pinpoint what's happening.
At times we all feel the way you do right now and I know you can get through this sticking patch... Just look how far you've come! :)

S: 16st9lb C: 15st13lb Loss: 0st10lb(4.29%)
Hey we all have bad days or bad weeks even so don't beat yourself up over it. I had a terrible stressful day yesterday and ended up munching through a whole bags of sweets by myself! But that was yesterday.... today is a fresh start, everyday is a fresh start.
I'm sure your gp will be able to talk things through with you and hopefully find some answers for you.
Hope you're feeling better and have a good day today


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Oh sweetheart :( Lise, you really need to stop comparing you, and your weight loss to everyone else. None of us are going to lose the same amount at the same rate. The more you compare, the more demoralised you will get and the more likely you are to sabotage your efforts.
You say you gained 2lbs this week. When is your TOTM? If it's within the next week or so, then it could be fluid retention due to that, it could also just be fluid retention anyway. Our bodies don't like to lose weight, and sometimes they will fight us every step of the way :rolleyes::eek: But its at exactly these times we need to hang onto our resolve, keep to our plans and stick with changing our life styles. You know what the rewards are, you want those rewards, so fight for them Lise. I know you can do this, I know you think at the moment that this is some insurmountable mountain, and that you can't do it, but you CAN Lise, you really can hun. You're not on your own in this journey, we're all here helping and supporting you, and each other.
Write off the other day, there is nothing you can do about it, except draw a line under it, learn from it, and resolve to do this.
You hang in there xxxxxxxxxx


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Lose weight everyone else has? I only lost 5lbs in 4 weeks, thats hardly loads. But as my GP said, if you lose 1-2lbs a week its more likely to stay off. Plus they only require you to lose 1lb a week to prescribe them again. I feel like I've put all my weight back on at the mo so kinda know how you feel, but don't give up just yet, just wait & see what doc says


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Hey LiSe!
you are not going o give up my love *kicks LiSe's bum* i think you need this to get u back in gear!! (tough love) we are in this together and we'r not giving up untill we have got a body to show about! OK!

now all u gotta do is, breath.. draw a line under the day and start over! you have done SOO WELL so far u are gona lose the rest aswell!! as some of the ladies said 1-2 a week is good! fluid retention is a pain in the bum but it happens but U know about it so it shouldnt get u down!!

I have lost NOTHING. zilch but im not ready to give up.. just gotta rethink something and try a diffrent route! maybe give up some much loved food... or try something new? My doc gave me another batch of pills without losing so urs defo will dont worry! apparently they give u three months as everyones body is different!

Sorry if the kick hurt but it was sent with much love!! hehe

s xx


Bouncing back
Hope you're feeling a bit better today Lise.
I know how frustrating it is to be working towards something and trying your hardest to no avail, but, as everyone else said, don't give up. Keep up your hard work and it will soon pay off!
S: 17st1lb C: 11st9lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 5st6lb(31.8%)
Hi Nat,

I always take my pill just before my first mouthful and I am also surprised I had no side effects. I was hoping I would get some sign they were working :(

Hope your weekend is going well,

LiSe xX
S: 17st1lb C: 11st9lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 5st6lb(31.8%)
Thanks for the supportive message Clare x

I wasn`t online when you sent the message on MSN, Sorry if I seemed ignorant.

Well done on your fab weight loss this week! :D Xx
S: 17st1lb C: 11st9lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 5st6lb(31.8%)
Thanks SMRR (sorry don`t know your real name lol)

I hope the sweeties haven`t had a bad effect on your WL

LiSe xX
S: 17st1lb C: 11st9lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 5st6lb(31.8%)
Hi Ali hun,

I know I shouldn`t compare, But I can`t help it :(

TOTM was last week, So possibly that is why I gained weight. But that`s over now and I am still 1lb over what I was at last weeks weigh in :( You`re right, I am so demoralised at my lack of weight loss that I had another fillet burger last night (kitchen still not finished!) which is really stupid cos I have been really exercising and watching what I eat the rest of the time. Oddly I had no side effects again, But the fillet burger is 15.9g so I guess not too much over what I should have in 1 meal which is why I have got away with it.

I hope you`re having a lovely weekend Xxxx

S: 17st1lb C: 11st9lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 5st6lb(31.8%)
*hugs* Amanda, Sucks doesn`t it :(

I have my weigh in on Thurs so am hoping to lose some more weight by then. I hope your weight loss improves too

S: 17st1lb C: 11st9lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 5st6lb(31.8%)
Thanks for the kick up the bum Sona!

It was well deserved! ;)

Heres to us both losing more weight this week Xxxx
S: 17st1lb C: 11st9lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 5st6lb(31.8%)
Thanks Silence x

It really is frustrating :( I ache all over from exercising and apart from my self destructive fillet burgers I am eating well so theoretically I should be a lot lighter :(

Hope things are going well for you



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Morning LiSe

I am one day off weigh in and im just over 1lb heavier - there is the usual weekend back log (TMI) but Ive had several glasses of wine that forced there way into my tummy so you are not alone on your gain.

Unless one of my limbs falls off today/tomorrow !!

Julie x

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