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Really tired....


has started again!!
....not sure if its the weather or the diet but I have no energy at all. I am feeling so lethargic, which is odd because late last week I had a real energy boost.

I am loving the plan tho, and tonight am going to give a second salsacise class a go. Never ever thought I would be saying that!!! (Mind you, as SOTW last week I have to use my free voucher at another class than my own...is that what all the consultants do?)

Hoping you are all having a great week guys!!
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Hi, could be the weather, but i must admit i feel tired somedays but once i have got myself excercising seem to feel better for it. I think its just a matter of keep going and drinking plenty of water, have heard that can help.

Well done for sotw!


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I would imagine its the weather. If anything the diet would give you energy as you are eating healthily and exercising.

j70joj is right though water is the answer to all problems!! lol


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I felt like that last week. I was tired all week and couldn't be bothered to do any exercise whatsoever!

It'll pass. This week I've been exercising like someone possessed!

Keep going girl! xx


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I have been like this after the walk on Sunday but my OH came down with a bug and I think I have it too :( I hope it clears before the weekend as we have a wedding to go to! I feel really guilty for not being able to exercise aswell.


has started again!!
Its rotten, isnt it?. I wonder if its because we are on the home straight before half term next week, from experience, most of us at school are just creased by the end of 7 weeks!

I am still very lacklustre, but so impressed with the diet plan that it wont stop me....just grittng my teeth and getting on with it!!


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It shouldnt be the diet, unless you are opting for the low carb menus, which might just make you feel a tad lethargic, but I would imagine it is not enough water.

I try and drink at least 2-4 litres a day....minimum 3 litres as it is amazing how it keeps you going, literally!

You could also be pushing far too hard if you are not used to exercising so much??? I feel tired too this week, but I havent stopped at all since last weekend and I do think our body tells us that we need a little rest or to slow down.


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It is defo the end of term feeling, I am WHACKED! One more day though :)


has started again!!
It is defo the end of term feeling, I am WHACKED! One more day though :)

Tomo is a tough one for us tho, we have an enrichment day, off curriculum. The activity that I am running across year groups (its a first school) is to make Dream Catchers with the children. 20 kids, yr1 & 2 together, then Yr 3 & 4, limited time, .........recipe for stress ! My own daft idea tho!! Should burn some calories running around helping them stay on task!!LOL

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