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Really tough day..

Just need to vent if thats ok! :wave_cry:
We attended a funeral for my step-dad today, We weren't close unfortunately, but it has been a difficult time.
We all went back to my mums with about 30 rellies.
Well, you can imagine the feast involved.
Which incidentally i helped prepare while salivating lol.
I wasn't hungry in any shape or form, ketosis has kicked in well, but all my old habits/demons were literally driving me nuts.
The old me, the person who binged in times of stress, was literally desperate to eat. I kept reminding myself i didn't feel hungry, so i got through it, but boy did i feel miserable!
I just hate myself today, for one, getting myself so fat to have to do this diet(!), & two, feeling the food cravings take over my life...
So yes i'm pleased i stuck to plan but even in full ketosis its so hard.
Need a hug, Simone xxxx:cry:
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you shouldbe proud of yourself you managed to not eat on which is a very stressful day even without dieting have a shake a nice bubblebath some thoughts about your stepdad and an early night]
youve done good
Well done Simone thats one hell of an achievement. You should feel so proud of yourself & I am sure when you wake up tomorrow you will feel tonnes better & realise how in control you are (altho I know you didnt feel like it but you said NO to the food so how fab are you!!)

Good luck with it hun


Size 14 here i come!
((Big hugs)) you did brilliantly! I know exactly how you feel when you said about being cross for letting yourself get to the size that you need to do this diet. I have scorned myself many times for the same reason but keep up the good work.


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well done you for facing and beating temptation at a difficult time x Tyr to be a bit gentle on yourself don't concentrate on hating yourself but how about liking yourself for taking this fantastic step xx
Wow, I'm really impressed. How fab are you?

You're much stronger than me, I'd have had to nibble a bit of ham or something, but it's so not worth it, you feel crap for nibbling and the food never EVER tastes that great anyway.

I take my hat off to you. Now go and pamper yourself immediately!

Z x
you did great hun!!!! :hug99:
Wow, Well done. My sympathies to you and your family. You have some will power. Hanging around food like that all day and passing it around. I couldn't possibly do it. Hope you feel better tommorrow. Lots of hugs to you.:)
Hey hun, well done from staying away from all the food, it must have been very hard!! My sympathies go out to ya all on your sad loss. Make a little time out for yourself and have a soak and take your mind off things, well done on your willpower!!
Well I think you are amazing Simone, wel done for that. We are human and it is natural to want get food cravings when that was what you would have done before, I still get cravings but it the fantastic willpower you had today to avoid giving in that is to be celebrated! I think you deserve to give yourself a treat, mag, facial, luxury bubblebath, new shoes? You chose and enjoy, you have been a star!


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