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  1. Jambro

    Jambro Full Member

    I have given in to my cravings today.
    Think I am pre mentstral and had a couple of bars of chocolate and a packet of crisps.
    Feeling bad about it so phoned my OH as he was on the way back from footie.
    Told him what I had done, expecting him to be supportive but he was horrible.
    Comments like,
    "I knew you wouldn't do it"
    "you've ruined it now"
    "you have only been doing it a couple of weeks and you've cheated already"
    I am absolutley devastated.
    I have been crying for ages. If your partner won't support you then who will?
    He wasn't keen on me doing this anyway so this is probably what hes been waiting for.
    but on the other hand, he is also sick to death of me and my various diets and my constant moaning about my weight.
    Just feel numb to his reaction.
    Plus me being premenstral isn't helping.
    I could probably murder him now and get away with it though!!!
    Men are tw**ts!
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  3. Oinkstop

    Oinkstop Full Member

    I'm sorry your husband is being such a great big jerk! He deserves a great big kick in the @$$!

    As for you, don't beat yourself up. Just dust yourself off, and get back on the wagon as soon as you can.
  4. YummyMummy04

    YummyMummy04 Silver Member

    Aww hun.

    Prove him wrong! Get straight back into your diet. He can eat his words when you have reached your target.

    We all have wobbles but doesnt mean you have ruined everything. Just learn from it and move on. If you do feel like that again drink water, distract yourself or even having a extra pack/bar may help to stop the wobbles.

    Partners/husbands/wifes feel threatened i reckon when we start dietting and loosing weight because of their own insecurities.

    You can do this hun you are strong.

    Good luck
  5. sazzle1718

    sazzle1718 Member

    MEN!!!! Honestly! Sometimes I think they must be a different species! Prove him wrong. You can do it. Don't let one bad day ruin it for you. Tomorrow is a new day so give yourself a fresh start. We all have these blips. Let's face it, we wouldn't have weight issues if we hadn't had at least the occasional slip up! Hope you feel better hun.x
  6. crazylilblondie

    crazylilblondie Pizza addict

    Perhaps he was trying to motivate you to get back on track? People support each other in weird ways. Perhaps he wanted to make you feel guilty so you wouldnt do it again?
  7. ApplySomePressure

    ApplySomePressure Silver Member

    How are you doing today? Are you back on track ok? Guys are very bad at knowing the right thing to say, whatever they say is always going to be wrong! He was really insensitive with how he reacted, but if that reaction is going to make you want to prove him wrong and stick with it then that's great. I have people who I want to prove wrong when I lose the weight and for the first diet I actually believe i'll get there.
  8. Jambro

    Jambro Full Member

    I'm much better today thanks.
    My OH did apologise to me when he got home. He said he is just concerned about me doing this 'silly' diet.
    Back on track today. I do think I will struggle this week and I knew I would because when I am pre menstral I want to eat anything thats not nailed down!!

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