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Really wanna do and stick to ee but.........


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Everytime i do it i either sts or put half on :cry:. So when this happens i switch back to green and like last week lost 2lbs.

Now i love my meat and pot. rice and bacon etc etc but is it only 3 meals a day? or could i make a bowl of pasta with meat and sweetcorn and snack on that all day if peckish through out the day or just on one meal.

So if i drink more water, have veg with evening meal and more fruit everyday, have mozerella if needed as hexa and everyday have my hifi bar hexb, i should be following it correctly and also 15 syns or am i thinking wrongly???

Help plz if possible i mean i love mix2max where i have meat at night with loads of veggies but be nice to have a sw chips or roasties too
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lol oops no reply's oh well i must be doing it wrong hehe so best sticking to green lol

cheers anyway


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Extra Easy is not just three meals a day.

Everything that's free on red & green is free on EE.
You only have 1 each of healthy extra a and b
You count syns still but the lowest amount (so if it's 10 on red and 5 on green, then it's 5 on EE)
You can still have upto 15 syns a day on EE

You can snack on free foods throughout the day on EE.
They do suggest, though, that you have as much super free foods as poss.


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Yes Jes I agree! I'm biased as I only do EE now, but you have to abandon all thoughts of the other plans. I'm not really convinced that switching backwards and forwards necessarily works with EE having seen all the comments on here. I think that part of that could be that folk eat the same portions of green and red as they do on the other plans and inadvertantly overeat. Our consultant put weight on the other week and held her hand up to that. I think it's something to bare in mind.

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