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Really want to try the bars......

.....but not sure I could handle having them in the house!!! I'm terrible with multi packs and always binge on the whole lot.

But I think that they would really help me on the days I do my fitness class or go to the gym. Do they trigger off cravings? Make you constipated?

Thanks in advance x
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I find I have to really limit the chewy type bars because in me they do cause constipation but I'm fine with the crunchy cereal ones, I don't find they trigger cravings either but some find they do for them ;)


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
what type of bars are they?? is there a just plain chocolate bar?
I cant do the bars they set off all my cravings for chocolate esp the choc ornge one - but the other thing is they are so chewy I get jaw ache if I have one for a meal. I had to split it between meals but then that defeats my object of not grazing all day and getting into a habit of eating 3 x a day and nothing in between meals!

Some people LOVE them tho adn swear by them. My friend likes the peanut one x


No think like Mars Bar, without the caramel and a lot harder on the old jaws

Which I like. I even put mines in the firdge for extra hardness.

I'm hardcore me.....
Personally they give me terrible wind and do make me want more so I limit myself to a couple a week, having them in the cupboard didnt work for me as I allways ended up having more than I should.
The peanut ones straight out the fridge are great, take 10 minutes to get through.
I think maybe have them as a treat is the way but if you can control yourself then go ahead.


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The cereal ones are best for me. The others made me really bloated. I have a cranberry one for lunch when I am at work and keep it in the fridge so it lasts longer!


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Please tell me the are nicer than the LL ones. They were indescribably revolting.:wave_cry:
Thank you all, great to get some different experiences. I think maybe I should just get one a week, lol, and have it as a Sunday night treat or something.
Aaw thanks Emma, that was great. I tend to start my meals late so that I can have one at 9pm which is usually my snacky time so it would be nice to have a bar instead of a shake. Suppose it will be an amazing test of my new found motivation to eat one a day lol. Thanks again x
They trigger cravings for me, so i limit myself to two a week...
like to keep one int he car with a tetra in case i end up being out for alonger than i thought...
And yes I agree on the wind!! They are soooo fillng though!
I like the cranberry and peanut ones...
Wish they did one without the choc covering though.



Say it in Dr Evil style!!
i think i might get just one to try
i bought 4 on tues for work next week but couldnt resist and now only have 1 left so i cant buy them again because they are really nice and i am so greedy xx


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I have one a day... for me they are a welcome sweet treat but different to chocolate, which was always my binge trigger. I have never binged on CD bars, so they don't have that association for me... I plan to keep buying them after CD for when I have sweet craving. For me it's great to have something sweet I don't associate with binges. (Never want to eat another choc bar as long as I live).

Twice over last four months I have had 2 bars in one day, because of craving something sweet - but even then I saw that as better than caving in for cake/choc and each time they did help to stop the compulsion to eat. I like them all, peanut is my fave. Couldn't have got this far without them, but I had exactly the same reservations as you at the start!

Good luck and just see how they work for you.



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I love the bars, especially the malt toffee one, but I only ever get 1 or 2 a week as they do trigger cravings for me and if I had more I'd eat the lot. Also, as others have said, they do tend to make you a bit bloated and windy. Hope this helps! x
Well I know my down falls and don't want to risk breaking 100% so will get a couple and see how I go I think. I'm quite certain I will love them lol!


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well i can't believe they cause constipation in some. they have totally the opposite effect on me!!

also binging on cd bars would take you rather rapidly out of ketosis. they are higher in carbs than the shakes (except for the cranberry one i think).

i really like the cranberry one and on occasion the orange one, although i find it a bit too sweet. even with the dark chocolate.

abz xx

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