Reasons as to why i want to do this!!!

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  1. sweet_girl123

    sweet_girl123 Silver Member

    Right i know this is bit random but got some time on my hands, as im ill i'm not doing a lot at the moment is a list of why i want to do this diet and why i want to lose weight...and maybe some of you lot can relate to some of them lol or feel free to put down your reasons as welll :)...

    1) Be able to buy smaller sized clothes

    2) Be able to feel more confident

    3) Decrease the size of my thighs

    4) Decrease my love handles but to have a smaller waist

    5) Keep my curves (keep me feelin womanly)

    6) Not have to constantly compare myself with my slimmer mates

    7) Be able to feel confident, sexy and girly around ma man

    8) Enjoy going shopping and be able to experiment with different types of clothes

    9) Be able to wear bright colours

    10) Be able to wear jeans again!! not that i don't like leggings they are really comfy i wear them most of the time with most tops but i still would love to b able to wear nycly fitted smaller sized jeans again!!!!!

    11) Also to prove to my family and friends that i can do this and i can look better then i do now!!

    p.s i know there is already a similar thread already done but i have done this for myself but as i ssaid plz feel free to add to this thread n the other thread which has already been done evry little elps...:)
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  3. sweet_girl123

    sweet_girl123 Silver Member

    was going to ask just in general...woud exercisees such as side dips, side crunches help while on this diet in getting rid of the luv handles but still keeping the curves..?
  4. Magggie

    Magggie Full Member

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    I think it depends on your basic body shape. What shape were you when you were slim - and/or a teenager?
    I have slimmed down all over , but not at same rate shrinkage
    my boobs went last!
    But someone like yambabe is now a size 10 bottom, and a size 14/16 top!!!

    I have walked as my exercise, yambabe does swimming, aeorobic.
    I am starting running/ walking now (it's very much a mixture of 50/50 at mo lol!)

    just be aware if you do a lot, you may get even more hungry

    some do full on running for miles! And they are ok!!!
  5. sweet_girl123

    sweet_girl123 Silver Member

    i was a size 8-10 bottom n 10-12 on top coz of ma bust lol...
    that is the one thing that i don't want to lose lool...
    and currently i am a size 14 ishh
  6. *Shanny*

    *Shanny* Gold Member

    Heeey sweetie you will get there just keep them thoughts in your head, so that you stay 100%.!

    Im day 1 and doing better than i thout again on cd.x
  7. short and dumpy

    short and dumpy We are Flab-ou-Less!

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    I want my jiggly bits to stop dancing when I do :D
  8. sweet_girl123

    sweet_girl123 Silver Member

    thanks shanny, im glad you are doin soo well sure you will lose the weight that you have gained gone in no time...make sure you come on here as well seeing you on cd threads :d
  9. markanderl

    markanderl Silver Member

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    So sweet girl you start today, good luck, keep us posted
  10. Dietkitty

    Dietkitty Rebel without a calorie

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    As Mark said above good luck. You know we're all here to support you over the tough first week (and beyond of course!) :)
  11. sweet_girl123

    sweet_girl123 Silver Member

    Thank you for the words of luck i am going to need it a lot....but instead of 2dai i have decided that i am going to be starting the diet tomoro mainly because i am still at uni and the pack is at home and by the time i get home 2night it will be tomorrow is a fresh start for me and i am also going to be starting a fresh, new thread whch will be officially my diary for the diet in order to help me keep motivated on diet for as long as i can...:D...
    soo see you all tomorrow probably in the late afternoon after work lol...but tomorow my new diary will start
  12. saffrons

    saffrons Full Member

    good luck for tomorrow hun xx
  13. *Shanny*

    *Shanny* Gold Member

    whoop whoop good luck hun.x lol
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