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Reasons why Minimins is the best 'slimming club' in town.

I will start the thread off with just a couple of reasons:
I love the way we spend ages talking about our toilet habits (or lack of them!),

I also love the fact that we don't have to spend a fiver just to sit round waiting whilst everyone gets weighed, then have to wait for the raffle(in which the prize is some slimming club product that never sold well) to be drawn and then finally sit through the consultants chat just thinking" hurry up I'm starving and want my tea-let me out of here!".

I could go on and on, but thought I'd give everyone else a chance to contribute x
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For me it's because of the fast results, and you can completely take food out of your diet to avoid temptation and there are no risks to you health in doing so :)

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Coz u can talk about anything and ask anything xxx
Coz the people you meet are all friendly and non- judgemental regardless of your size or how many restarts you do!
Because you don't treat yourself to the fish and chip supper after weigh-in "because you did well" at losing a lb!

Because everybody knows how you feel lol x


this time - the last time
Because noone knows who I am, I can be honest and open without embarrassment.

Because its written - my thoughts are recorded making it easier to refer back to how I was feeling when........

Because its written, it'll give me a log of my thought, feelings, successes and struggles. A great record to read when I hit goal to help me maintain.

The people are brilliant.

It's open 24hours a day!
Some great posts, thanks ladies, Kimmie I know so many people that treat themselves to a chippie tea after weigh in,it made me chuckle.

Another reason I like Minimins(and I hope I won't offend anyone here) is that I often find the slimming group full of women who are under BMI 25 wanting to lose half a stone,quite disheartening when like myself you're in it for the long haul and think blimey if I looked like them I'd consider myself very slim!
Nice to chat to people who understand the emotions that come with being way up there on the BMI scale........hope this post doesn't make me sound slimmest!
Mrs TX


My husband = My hero
Because you can inspire other people Without even realising!
Because you can inspire other people Without even realising!
That's so true - not not to sound too stalkerish... I'm about halfway through your diary and although I've never commented (I don't want to go the end page and ruin the ending lol) you're truely an inspiration to me, every time I've thought about... Ooh I'll just have an ss+ day, I thought about your journey and just chugged down some water.

I too love how this site is 24 hours and how everyones so honest!! Makes me feel like I'm not the only crazy one :)
I also love how everyone is so supportive, they'll tell you step away from the cake over and over again but if you do succumb then theyll never judge

But best of all I get to share my love of food porn ;)


My husband = My hero
Lol il be at goal by the time u get to the ed of my babblin on!!

Dont get to excited sweet it's no better at the end thAn the beginning lol! Make sure you leave me a comment at the end so I can see how your getting on! Xxxx
er cos you can just ramble on and on and no one seems to mind, plus its not cold like those horrible musty cold church halls and community centers ..plus other people also ramble on and on and its good reading through in the mornings and having a laugh and a chuckle and an 'oh my God I like that too'

But NO ONE EVER LAUGHS if you fall off your program they just welcome you back with hugs and encouragement.AND NO ONE JUDGES. You could have a gazzillion pounds to lose or just 10, its all the same welcoming place.
Lol il be at goal by the time u get to the ed of my babblin on!!

Dont get to excited sweet it's no better at the end thAn the beginning lol! Make sure you leave me a comment at the end so I can see how your getting on! Xxxx

Lol, you probably ilk be - you've done so well!

I'll be sure to leave a comment at the end too, I've been inspired to start my own diary... It was called 123 days and 72lbs to represent my journey to Mexico... However it is now called 120 days and 62.5lbs


please try again
because i can turn up to minimins in my pj's, wrapped in a blanket looking like ive been dragged theu a hedge backwards and nobody gives a frig

i remember one class i went to, the other girls were all in size 10's wanting to get to a size 8 or less with thier hair and make up immaculate and there was all 23 stone of me, not a scrap of make up and i felt soooooooo out of place, nobody spoke to me, i gave up going after a month
I love it for all the reasons above, for the fact nobody judged me when I returned and just helped me get back on the wagon, I love the fact you are here day and night......especially at this moment....my hubby, ids, sister, bro in law, niece an nephew are all eating fish and chips and they smell divine.....I am here on puter with a coke zero trying to get thru the pain ! AGHHH !
Just had my coke zero at the in-laws whilst Mr T drank several glasses of wine!
I often spend a lot of my time on here in my pjs Sumayyah, infact I made us late today because I was busy posting when I should have been having my shower.
I love the way people are far more open and you find out far more about the real people on here than any slimming club !!

I love the way I can come one here anytime , wearing anything ( or nothing if I wish ) and no one judges

I love the way there is always someone here who knows the answer to someones questions

I love the way we can all help each other stay on track and if we dont .. we help each other back on that wagon :)

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