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Reasons you want to lose weight.


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Sounds obvious, but I find it helps to list the reasons we're doing such a drastic weight loss plan to help keep us on track.

  • To be able to go shopping and buy what i WANT to wear, not just what i can get to fit! Also to shop wherever i want and KNOW their largest size isn't going to be too small! :cry:
  • To be able to wear heels without being in so much pain.
  • So my gym sessions aren't such a chore
  • To be able to take part in the Mums race at my girls sports day without worrying about how i look
  • To be more healthy and lower my risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and any number of other things that are of higher risk with a higher BMI
  • To wear sexy undies and not worry about my rolls of flab when.....ahem, having relations with my hubby! lol :eek:
  • To go sky diving :eek:
  • To feel more confident and not intimidated by other (skinnier) women.
  • To be able to go on rides at theme parks with my children and not worry that the seats aren't wide enough
  • So i'm actually smaller than my hubby and so i can wear his t-shirts in bed and have them 'actually' be baggy and not skin tight!
  • To not be the 'fat' friend
(add extras when you think of them and come back to the thread when you're wondering why you're doing this diet and if its really worth it)

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The only motivation that has ever been strong enough for me to lose weight is the fact that I have been told I can have IVF in May if I get my BMI under 30. All the other reasons are there too - nice clothes, being smaller than my hubby, being comfy on a plane, being taken more serious etc etc... but none of those things were enough for me to get off my fat arse and do anything about it. However, they will be nice side effects :)


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I want to look in the mirror and say....you know what Megan you aren't half bad!
I want to be able to fit in something that is small
I want people to see me as a person not as a fatty
I dont want people to watch me eat and think...she doesn't need that!
I want to recognise myself in the mirror and not avoid it
I want to blend in when we are on a girly night out not be the fat funny one.
I want to feel confident in my clothes
I want to feel sexy for my hubby
I want to be the girl my hubby met 15 years ago, I fell pregnant straight away I felt I cheated him he had me thin for the first 4 months then I ballooned to a size 24 and have been fighting it ever since.
I want to be healthy and reduce health risks
I don't want to be a fat mum
I want to get dressed everyday with out feeling tearful



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In my experience normal is dull and boring...............................Aim to be happy just being you. And i'm sure your weight issues are more an issue for you than your hubby - he loves you and finds you sexy regardless. *hugs* My hubby says he found me atttractive when i was 20 stone! - what he didn't like was the fact that i kept myself covered up and the fact that i wouldn't let him near me!
oh my hubby is the same the issues are all mine lol but he can find me attractive but if i don't feel it then it doesn't count if that makes more sense. I should of added be happy thats the end result really. The normal thing is more about me feeling that I have to overcompensate for being fat by being the loud drunk funny one where now I feel like i can sit back a bit and enjoy myself rather than feel paranoid about what i am wearing and who is looking at me etc
Love these posts!!
For me mine are.....
1) to take my little girl swimming everytime she asks rather than saying "oh mummy doesn't feel too good today"
More like mummy doesn't want people thinking a whale has got into the pool!!!!
2) To not feel like everyone is looking at me when I'm eating thinking "Step away fatty"
3) To wear nice (In fashion) clothes
4) to not have to make out that I am cold so I can keep my layers on so people can't see just how big I am.
5) To fit into my lovely wedding dress and feel great on my wedding day (20th March 2010)
6) to be in the photos rather than the one taking them!

Honestly I would be here all day if I carried on but I think they are the main ones!
Good luck everyone x x
I love these too

- i want to be able to have a bath and not build the water up behind me!
- to put on nice underwear and feel sexy
- same as alot of you- not to feel like people are looking at me thinking she shouldnt be eating that!
- to buy some of my fav clothes like billabong and roxy and fit in thier sizes
- to stop having to flap about our bedroom destroying everything in sight in desperation to find something to wear, then take it all out on my bf and sulk and cry because i feel horrible
- be more active with my family instead of holding back because i dont want to jiggle my fat around in front of them! ie games of cricket/footy + general messing about, my family are outside people.
- go out dancing with my girls like i used to and not hold back because im too consious and want to go out aswell and not say no becuase i dont want people to see me and my fat
love reading all of yours! xx
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The only motivation that has ever been strong enough for me to lose weight is the fact that I have been told I can have IVF in May if I get my BMI under 30. All the other reasons are there too - nice clothes, being smaller than my hubby, being comfy on a plane, being taken more serious etc etc... but none of those things were enough for me to get off my fat arse and do anything about it. However, they will be nice side effects :)

Hi Guru,

A member of my LL foundation group wanted to lose weight so that she was eligible for IVF, and when she lost the weight and got started on the hormones (to produce more eggs?) she got pregant! Her daughter was born in October!

Hey Ladies,

I think you have hit on most of my reasons for wanting to lose weight -- but here is my contributuin to this list:

My father has two artficial knees -- I'd like to keep my own.
Every pound you are overweight puts four pounds of extra pressure on your knees when you take a step. If you do the recommended ten thousand steps a day... that's two tonnes!

My son teenage son got in a fight with a kid who called his mom a name related to her being a "fatty".

I do not want my 10 year old daughter to become a teenager and be embarassed by me or worse: stress about her own weight.

It will help my asthma to be not to be carting around the extra weight.

It might inspire others who need to lose weight (including two of my sisters and adult neice).

I dislocated my right knee, and want it to heal better- which it can do if I carry less weight!

I want my PCOS symptoms to be less exacerbated (apparently a lot of the "problems" happen in the fat!)

I want to wear short skirts and sexy underwear.

I don't want to spend evenings out worrying about looking fat.

I want to feel comfortable being photographed, rather than spending 30 minutes per photo, trying to find the angle that best hides my fat bits!
my main reason is because i desperately want a baby and cant be considered for fertility treatment unless i have a bmi of 30! other reasons are being able to shop anywhere for clothes, be more confident, wear sexy lingerie, go out with my girlfriends clubbing cos at the mo i dont have the confidence, go on a plane without worrying the seatbelt might not fit, feel sexy and be healthier!


please try again
1. to blend into the crowd, odd i know but i want to be able to walk round a shopping centre and no one notice rather than have folks pointing and whispering

2. be more able for my daughter as its hard to carry my own weight upstairs let alone carry hers too

3. my facebook is a testement to my hate of having my picture taken, its my sister whos pictured posing with MY child. at goal im having a mother daughter photo shoot!

4. i want to feel attractive. im not short of male admirers but i refuse point blank to take a compliment and i insist on being covered up and im sick of it

5. i wanna be healthy and not have one foot in the coffin already
My reasons are my health and my wee girl. I don't want her growing up using me as an example for eating & food etc. I want the diet to teach me new things and rehash the old stuff. Also i'd love to see my daughter get married. The pride of that plus being a yummy mummy would be fab!

Lisa xx
Hey Gareth,

That's very funny. There was an American comedian who wrote a book years ago called The Blackmail Diet (or something like that). And, what he did was put a large sum of money into a trust and if he did not lose a certain amount of weight in a set amount of time -- the money would be given to an organization that he despised. He was Jewish and I think he had it set up to go a neo-Nazi group. Needless to say... he lost the weight!
My son starts Nursery at the school I wish him to attend September 2010,don't want to be the fattest mum at the gates-up til now he didn't realise mummy was 'different'...and now I am not so different! Loads of other reasons,but that was the main one. x

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