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I was just wondering if anyone else wanted to share their reasons for being overweight?It's taken me a long time to come to terms with being an "emotional eater" but now when I look back I can see my mum as a bit of a feeder because she had such a negative attitude to food herself, more that she wanted to eat a lot but didn't so she kind of instilled in me and my sister that it was good to eat.Although it had the opposite effect!I ate too much!:D
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I grew up listening to my dad call my mum a fat cow on a daily basis and complaning about what she ate and I now have such an unhealthy relationship with food and turn to it in times of stress.

Five years ago my huby cheated on me with a "friend" of mine and I turned to food, big mistake I now have 8 stone to lose :eek::(

2010 is my year though so I am putting my life plan into action now, first priority to lose the weight..2 stone gone 8 to go :D


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S: 14st2lb C: 14st2lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 38.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Good for you!Sorry to hear about your bad times but hopefully 2010 will bring better things!I think for me, just having a little moment of clarity about my different reasons for gaining weight and its all related to habit and emotion!time to break that cycle!


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I have various reasons. But I am lucky that I don't turn to food during times of stress. It is partly because of having had 3 children, partly taking lots of steriods over a couple of months for asthma a few years ago, partly because I had an underactive thyroid after my second pregnancy and last summer I put on another stone whilst I was doing my dissertation for my masters as I stopped caring about what went in my mouth when I was under so much pressure. But the main reason is I am just plain greedy and don't notice when I am full so I keep going until the plate is clear. If I like something I will by nature eat it even when I'm not hungry. To be honest, I am still doing that with SW (albeit with healthier food), which is why I think my loss is so slow. However, I am just going to keep going and try to be more responsible about my portion sizes. This week is the first week that I am determined to be strict with myself and make sure I follow EE (sensibly) to the letter (so far so good).......


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I put my weight on after a serious relationship failed then i met my partner and got pregnant and it just piled on!


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I have no reaon really other then a love of chocolate and not exercising enough!! Self inflicted!!


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i have a love for fast food and since i met my b/f he like to cook, but most of his meal are doing using butter and more fatty ingrediants