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Recipes:converting from red/green to EE?

I have searched through site but cant find answer to this .......
I'm new to SW and following the EE plan since last week...just bought myself some used SW books on ebay but SYNS are all listed as red or green not EE...is there a simple way to convert? also have seen many wonderful recipes online but same issue applies..thanks in advance for all help...:)
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Ah that doesn't really work - if you had spag bol then on red the spaghetti would be synned and the meat free, while on green the meat would be synned and the spaghetti free. But on EE they are both free so taking the lower of the two doesn't work.

Easiest thing is just to go through the recipe and work out syns for anything that is not a free food. Add them up and divide by number of portions. If you are taking any of the ingredients as a HE then deduct the syns for that from the total before dividing into portions.
hannata, I did buy the books 'used' unaware that they would be out of date...however they are great and would definitely use the recipes...I realsise I could go through them figuring out waht has syn value on EE but thought there might be a shorter way.thanks for help
Oh I just bought a new one too from Ebay but it's the 2011 version, I had the 2007 version so I was used to using that and now I have the new one with EE values and I got confused!
thanks for all the advice ...i think i will take an hour one day and simply gp through each one and check off all that are free and syn the rest it is in fact easier and quicker than I thought.;)

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