Recipes for foodpack, Muffin,crisps,fudge cake!


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Edited to add

It's not recommended that you follow any of the recipes that include cooking a pack if you are on SS as some of the nutrition is depleted on cooking (except for the porridge).

If you have an extra pack, ie You are a lady under 5 foot 8", and you chose the SS+ plan, the spare extra shake could be used for these recipes.



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The Perfect Mousse

Ingredients :
1 VLCD Shake Pack
1 Scoop Mix-A-Mousse
150 mls water
Utensils :
Good quality hand blender (Recommended 600 watt)
Pyrex Jug
Method :
1. Assemble the ingredients and utensils.

2. Put 150mls of water into the Pyrex Jug and put into the freezer compartment for 15 to 20 minutes. Take out the water as soon as crystals start to form on the surface.

3. Remove from freezer and pour the shake pack onto the surface of the water.

4. Without stirring pour the scoop of Mix-A-Mousse onto the top of the shake pack.

5. Put a high quality hand blender (500 watts or more recommended) into the mixture and blend for 60 seconds.

6. Pull out the blender and scrape the remaining powder and mixture back into the mixture with a spoon and blend for a further 15 seconds.

7. Return the pyrex jug to the freezer compartment for 10 minutes (you can leave for longer if you want a more ice cream texture).

8. You will know it is set if you can turn it upside down and it doesn't land on your feet :)

9. If you look up into the pyrex jug you will see bubbles on the surface and no sign of any gelatin lumps.

10. Enjoy!! :)
Please note that a cheap blender will not mix it well enough and will leave lumps in it which are very grim!!!


Ingredients :
1 VLCD Savoury Pack
Tabasco Red (Optional)
Black Pepper (Optional)
Utensils :
Baking parchment
Small Spoon
Method :
1. Assemble the ingredients and utensils.

2. Put all the ingredients into a bowl.

3. Open the tap to more than a trickle but not full flow.

4. Add some water to the bowl and stir vigorously.

5. Keep stirring until the mixture is like puree.

6. The consistency should finally be like this.

7. Take the parchment and using the spoon put a little blob on mixture on the paper.

8. Evenly space out other mixture around the parchment paper.

9. Microwave for 1 minute 25 seconds in a 900 watt microwave (adjust for your microwave)

10. Allow them to cool before removing from the parchment.

11. Repeat until all mixture is used up. You should be able to make a minimum of 30 crisps from a pack.

Thanks to Diva for this recipe, they look lovely!!!

The Perfect Bar

Ingredients :
1 VLCD Bar
Utensils :
1 Sharp Flat Bladed Knife
1 Ramekin Dish
Method :
1. Put the VLCD bar in the fridge for 20 minutes.

2. Place the unwrapped bar on a chopping board.

3. It is important that you use a flat bladed as a serrated knife just doesn't work and the bar breaks up. Being cold allows it to cut much thinner than at room temperature. Start cutting the bar into pieces around 2-3 mm thick.

4. When cut up you should have around 30 - 35 pieces.

5. Put the pieces on a ramekin dish.

6. Then simply put the dish in a freezer for 10 minutes before eating. They are not frozen when they come out but they are colder which makes them much more chewy and satisfying. Because there are 30 pieces it also takes a few minutes to eat them and is much more enjoyable than just chomping three mouthfuls and it is gone.

The Perfect Soup

Ingredients :
1 VLCD Soup Pack
Tabasco Red (Optional)
Black Pepper (Optional)
Sea Salt (Optional)
Utensils :
Small beaker with sealable lid
Small Pan
Large Mug
Method :
1. Invest in a little small sealable beaker that is around 350ml in size but must have a watertight lid.

2. Pour the entire soup sachet into the beaker.

3. Pour on 125ml of cold tap water and seal the lid tightly.

4. Shake the beaker very vigorously up and down and side to side for 45 seconds and looking through the beaker make sure that no powder is stuck to the sides.

5. Pour the contents of the beaker into a small pan, don't worry about the extra left in the beaker at this point.

6. Pour an additional 250ml of water into the beaker, seal and shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Pour this into the pan on top of the original mix. You will also find this cleans out the beaker very well and allows for much easier washing up.

7. Before starting the heat stir the mixture for 20 seconds to mix up the two liquids.

8. Add Tabasco sauce to taste, around 10 drop is recommended. Make sure this is the standard Red Tabasco and not the Hot Tabasco or the Jalapeno Tabasco (Green).

9. Add Black Pepper to taste.

10. Add Malden Sea Salt to taste (not too much though!!). Please note that salt is allowed on some VLCD's but is not on Cambridge Diets. Salt can make the body retain water and hence if you can live with just the pepper and the tabasco it would be better.

11. Now heat on a medium to low heat. It is imperitive that you do not boil or get too near boiling the soup otherwise a very nasty tasting powdery chemical froth appears on the top of the soup.

12. When almost boiling pour into a large mug, cup or bowl capable of easily holding 375mls.

13. Allow to settle for 2 minutes so any froth dissappears. This is why you shouldn't use either aerolatter whizzers or blenders as they create a froth on the soup that many people cannot have.

14. Sit down and enjoy :)


Ingredients :
1 VLCD Shake Pack
2 Splenda Tablets
Utensils :
Mixing Bowl
Microwaveable Ramekin Dish
Method :
1. Assemble the ingredients.

2. Crush the sweeteners in a bowl using the back of a spoon.
3. Empty the pack of shake mix into the bowl and stir until the crushed sweetener and the shake mix are mixed together.

4. Gayle is not sure of the amount of water so recommends opening up the tap to more than a trickle but less than a full flow.

5. Add a little water at a time and stir, the same as if you were making pastry or bread.

6. Keep mixing until the mixtures appears very smooth but not runny.

7. You should be able to make peeks in the mixture but not so thick that the spoon stands up in it.

8. Get the ramekin dish.

9. Spoon the mixture into the disk smoothing out the top because it will cook in the exact shape that you put it in the dish.

10. Put in the microwave for approximately 100 seconds in a 900 watt microwave but adjust for your own machine.

11. Turn over onto the serving plate.

12. Lift up the ramekin and you have a delicious (ish!) muffin.

If you wish you can drizzle a little chocolate or vanilla sauce of the top which is made me mixing a teaspoon of shake with a teaspon of hot water and mixing to a runny paste.
Please note this recipe and photos were kindly supplied by Gayle Edwards (Diva05) from the Discovery Health & Leisure Forums and I thank her for them :)


Ingredients :
1 VLCD Bar
Utensils :
1 Small share knife
3 Medium sized microwaveable plates (somewhere between a side plate and a dinner plate)
1 Fish Slice / Plastic Slicer
Method :
Take your VLCD bar, ideally from the fridge, and remove and discard wrapper.
Using the sharp knife, cut the bar into 12 evenly sized pieces. Place all 12 sections on one of the plates.
Position 3 of the piece on a further plate, evenly space as photo.

Pop this plate into a microwave oven on cook for 60 seconds in an 800w microwave oven.
Meanwhile, arrange a further 3 pieces on a new plated (This routine gives you two played on which to cook the biscuits and one plate on which they can cool.)
When the first batch of three biscuits has cooked it should look like below.

When these have cooked use the fish slice to remove them from the hot plate and then flip them over to cool on your cold plate. Turning them over to cool is vital for some reason.
Put the next batch of 3 pieces into the oven, and use the first plate to position the next 3 slices.
Continue this routine until all 12 pieces of the VLCD bar have been cooked in batches of 3 and transferred to your cooling plate.
The final 12 should resemble this

Finally allow the cookies to fully cool as they go crunchy and last longer.
These can then be stored in zip-lock bags and used for eating when out and about and works very well. They are far more portable then shakes or soups and doesn't excite any comment if people see you eating them in public.
Please note this recipe and photos were kindly supplied by Cleo from the Discovery Health & Leisure Forums and I thank her for them :)
PLEASE NOTE : A couple of people have mailed me to say they have burnt the biscuits and they started smoking after 30 seconds, therefore I strongly recommend you "know" your own microwave and reduce the time to start with and build up to the time as all microwaves are different. Also these must be done in a microwave with a turntable otherwise they will burn within 10 seconds.

Chocolate Fudge

Ingredients :
1 VLCD Chocolate Pack
2 Splenda Tablets
1 Tsp Gold Blend Coffee Granules
1/4 Cup (60mls) Of Water
Utensils :
Microwaveable Bowl
Ramekin Dish Or Small Dish
Method :
1. Put 2 Splenda tablets into a little ramekin dish.

2. Pour over 1/4 cup (60 mls) of boiling water and stir until the tablets are disolved. Leave the sweetened water to cool.

3. Pour the VLCD chocolate pack into a little bowl.

4. Put 1 teaspoon of good quality coffee granules into the chocolate pack and mix. Note this is optional but gives the fudge a stronger flavour.

5. Make a well in the middle of the powder and pour the cold sweetened water into the middle.

6. Stir vigorously with a little metal spoon for around 2 minutes until the mixture is like a thick custard. It should have no lumps at all. Note that if you make this with hot water then it is very hard to get smooth at this point.

7. Microwave for 2 minutes on full power in a 700 watt microwave. When you take it out it doesn't look that good although it smells lovely!

8. When you cut into the fudge it should like muffin consistency on the outside of the bowl and a wetter more fudge like substance in the middle. Feel free to dip the edge into the middle but don't stir the mixture when cooked otherwise you knock the air out of it.

And that's it! Beats a frothy soup in the evening any day.
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they'll be no stopping you now that you have all those receipes :D

Couldnt find that thread we were posting on last night, you were asking for ideas for shakes -I know you have all thoe, but heres another one for you - scrumy yummy!

havnt given it a name but here goes!

btw this is how I make mine you may want to use less water.

1. 3/4 fill a pint glass with cold water

2. add ice to this till its near the top of the glass

3. add a teaspoon of sunshine orange or st clements you might want to start with half a teaspoon first.

4 stick in the blender till the ice is crushed up a bit - then stop the blender whilst you add a vanilla pack - otherwise you'll be mopping it up!

5 put the blender back on and blend for a few minutes..

6 enjoy - this is my fave at the moment - the amounts i told you makes a pint and a half...

7 let me know what you think!!


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You nicked that from my website!!!


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That's my freezer!!!


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These recipes are all great very inventive and may try sometime when I really need something else but I must admit I have been quite enjoying the lack of cooking and preparation but then I am pretty lazy. Dizzy x


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Hey icemoose...
Ive not claimed them to be my recipes, i clearly stated that i found the recipes on the net..
If they are your recipes, Then well done you.. some great ideas !!

Please dont think i have stolen your ideas, I have been struggling with the foodpacks and just wanted everbody to know about these ideas.........

Sorry !!


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lol CJ!!! I was joking m8eeeeee

It is sooooooo not a problem at all I promise you! The more people that they help the better and Gayle helped out on some of them so it isn't all my work.

I really was joking so don't be upset at all!!!


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We were only pulling your leg it was really helpful of you to post these for others that hadn't seem them. Its just that we know Mikes fridge with his buy one get one frees!!


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Lol Linda,

he likes a bargin, does our Mike :D

CJ - tis great you posted them, much prefer peeps to get em of here or dh, rather than 'buying' them on ebay! Yep that's right, can you beleive peeps are selling them :eek:


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Oh yum! I'm quite looking forward to trying some of these :)

Lynne x


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Hey can someone please tell me when i can start using these recipes. It's only been 4days its going well. I like to leave 2 meals till the evening. It would be lovely to have a soup followed by sum fudge or a muffin. They're the 2 that i really want to know about. Is it recommended to wait a while do you know?


Not dieting ATM!

Here's a post that has the recipes on.

Fancy trying some myself if Mizzy wants to share I just might!

Dizzy x


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Hey can someone please tell me when i can start using these recipes. It's only been 4days its going well. I like to leave 2 meals till the evening. It would be lovely to have a soup followed by sum fudge or a muffin. They're the 2 that i really want to know about. Is it recommended to wait a while do you know?

I think you can use them from day 1 hun! Check with your CDC to be certain, but I used them in my 1st week and am using them daily now! Good luck! :)