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Hi All

This weekend im down in sunny Dorset visiting Mr G its well known in my family that this is when I fall off the wagon as Mr G’s flatmates are a bit weird so to avoid the kitchen we eat out a lot! Brekkie is easy as I have scrambled egg on toast at the local Tesco’s and I usually grab a salad for lunch but to keep me on track Mr G has come up with the solution of buying a slow cooker so we can bung everything in before we go out and then dish up in the evening running off to his room to eat it

Does anyone have any quick easy recipies for the slow cooker that apart from chopping(which I can do early in the morning before they surface) I can just bung in the slow cooker and leave till tea time.. were on a bit of a budget and there is a veggie involved so cant use meat, I do have herbs and spices at my disposal and can pop to the shops when I arrive Friday night for anything we don’t have
Oh and as an afterthought Mr G cant stand quorn , tofu or anything like that but does love pea’s, beans chickpeas etc

any help would be greatly appreciated

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No quorn? Mmm. Tricky!
Prick some baking potatoes, wrap in foil, and stick in the slow cooker (NO water). You'll have lovely golden tatties for tea. For easy fillings, just crack open a tub of low fat cottage cheese.
Other than that, soups are all I can think of...

Do share if you have a brainwave. I LOVE my slow cooker, and I'm veggie too


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I make a bean chilli which works great in my slow cooker - better than on the hob actually as the beans seem to cook better...

2 x tin tomatoes
1 x tin chickpeas
1 x tin kidney beans
1 x tin mixed beans
1 x chopped onion
2 tsp chilli powder (or more if you like a kick)
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tbs cumin
1 tbs sweetner

Chuck it all in the slow cooker. That's it. I leave mine on automatic all day and then stick it on high for 1 hour before serving. I have it with rice. So free on green.

Hope it's something you think you would like.

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i make veggie soup in my slow cooker............use vecon for the stock...put in
baby turnip
pearl barley
tinned toms
tomato puree
mixed herbs
and cook over night.......its get better after a day or so and really helps with the weight loss

Gene Genie

Mad as cheese
Thanks Stacey , found a lovely veg hotpot on there :) I made it last night in my mums slow cooker and have bunged a load in the freezer for dinners at work next week.
Thanks mojomcl , never thought of doing spuds might give it a go one day next week im always getting moaned at for putting the oven on for one spud

Thanks Edwin, me thinks I have found Saturday nights tea Mr G will love the Chilli and its so easy he might be able to make it even when im not there so he stops living on takeaway

And for sunday Thanks Janie soup it is if there is any left Mr G can freeze and defrost for those cant be bothered cooking days

I might actually manage to be good this weekend and even better save some money wooohooo ! :)


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Do you think it REALLY is cheaper to use the slow cooker? Even though we have them on for hours and hours? I can't get my head round it! lol