Recommendations for a good Fitness DVD?


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Am interested in doing some fitness DVD's from home & wondered if anyone had any recommendations.

Looking for simple to follow, short but frequent in length (30-45 mins per day) & ideal for someone who is very, very unfit!

Have been recommended the Davina McCall Power of 3 DVD, but wonder if this is going to be too much too soon.

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I like the first one Patsy Palmer brought out, it's a few years old but good fun. Ive tried some of the dance ones which can be hard to follow. Must remember to try out the others I have.


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what about Rosemary Conley? She tends to be quite low imapct - and she is the only one i can follow at my current non-fitness level.

I have the one with Coleen Nolan in and they show her before and after so its inspiring too :)


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I have the Davina Power of 3 and I most definitely could not keep up with the exercises and I was lighter when I did that one! I was told Pilates was good for easing into as its not high impact. I have done myPilatesDVD once and the warm up was good, the cross training was ok but it requires a bit of jumping and stepping about and I hate that sort of thing as myliving room is too small. Its hard to do the sequences too. I could barely touch the abdominal exercises, but then I enjoyed the training with light weights (they were steady and short).

I'd also like someone to recommend a vid that is easy for beginners, doesnt require too much moving around the room and doesn't have tummy exercises where they make you contort yourself lol. I used to love the old Jane Fonda ones, and does anyone remembers the Callanetics craze. What ever happened to that?


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Out of favour as she's been I'm afraid my favourite is still Anne Diamond's 'Diamond plan'. It's in sections so you can build up slowly, it's easy to follow and you can just so as much as you can manage. You need a little bit of space - to walk forward about 6 paces and side to side about 4 each way. When you can do the whole thing it takes 40 minutes from start to finish. When I do this regularly (admittedly not at the moment!) I enjoy it. I can't cope with Davina or Patsy Palmer or a couple of 'dancercise' things I've got (too fast) and I have Colleen Nolan's and Rosemary Conolly's slim & salsacise but haven't tried them I'm afraid.


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I agree that the davina power of 3 is a bit too much for the very unfit, the first time I did it I was sore for about 5 days after!
The rosemary connelly ones are good for low impact but it still get results.

Cuddlepaws- I do callanetics now, even though I think the original video was released before i was born :8855:. I do the supercallanetics one, and even though it doesn't help you lose weight it does help to tone you up. It really helped with my stomach muscles as they were in a really bad state after 2 babies in 2 years.


maintaining since June'09
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Further to my last post I just had a look and the Diamond Plan is available on Amazon for 1p (plus delivery obviously) worth a look provided you still have a video player as it's only available on VHS. Clever people will be able to copy it to DVD. I've just seen she has another available now (forgotten what it's called even though I've just ordered it!) aimed at serial dieters with 3 x 10 min exercise sections as well. That is on DVD and I thought it was worth £3.86 to see what it's like.