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Recovered Memories ...


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Ah awesome, we've barely covered that this year! (2nd year Psychology) I'm always a little wary of recovered memories, I always remember the shopping mall study where they had family members of adults and children tell them that they once got lost in the mall and they start to create false memories around it. If it's something private that no one else would know about I think it's very hard to judge if it's actually a recovered memory or a false one.


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Indeed seph - i done a module on recovered/false memories last term (am in my final year of psychology) and although i find it interesting i just dont know where i stand!!

You cant just disbelieve someone who is "remembering" a traumatic event but the evidence thats out there shows that recovered memories arent always true! .... ahhhhhh lol
Funny, I can remember getting lost when I was 5 in London fields.My mum and nan were off to Roman Road market when I changed my mind and said I wanted to play with my cousin Susan, so they looked while I ran back to my Aunties house...however, all the streets leading off to London Fields looked the same and apparently, I was wandering around London Fields crying, an elderly man took me to the Police Station. Mum and nan were oblivious until they came back from the market a few hours later, expecting me to be at my Aunts..... Thankfully, I was safe and sound....Those were the days!!!!

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