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Red day help on budgeting please


I really would like some help on cheap meals for red days,as that is what i have to stay on fornow,i do hae a big appetite but not alot of money until payday,so got to budget really good for 2 weeks.

If anyone can help me on this,that will be great,

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I tried the mango chicken with tzatziki from the mag last month and that was brilliant 1.5syns on originl if use potatoes as the HEb

if you dont have the details send a note back and i will type up for you :)
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I use the cheaper cuts of meat for making stews and casseroles. I find padding the stew out with veg like butternut squash or sweede makes it more fulfilling and they are both cheap to buy at the moment.

I posted a great recipe for a lamb casserole in the recipe section and that was a really economical meal for 2 using neck fillet.

Chicken thighs and drumsticks are also cheap if you buy large packs either fresh or frozen and you can eat these plain (without the skin) or make a marinade for them or add them to a one pot dish such as Coq au van.

Finally, turkey is quite cheap and makes a great stir fry.

Hope this helps :cool:
Thanks for that,ive got the mag
Im going to do shopping tommorow andmight go to the butchers and see if i can get any bargains


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some butchers do really good deals on trays of meat :) failing that, chicken thighs and drumsticks are v. economical and make great stews and stir-frys :D


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Have a look at some Jamie Oliver recepies, he makes some great chillies and things like that - you can make some changes and easily you can make it syn free for original :)

I often raid the "cheap" bins in the supermarket often there is lean meat in their :)

I also made a lamb dish i saw on gastronomy economy - receipe is on the BBC website - really tasty and again with a few changes it makes a low syn meal.

Good luck!


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turkey mince is half the price of extra lean beef mince and very very versatile and tasty.

Bacon medallions - get them from Iceland, up to a whole quid less than some other supermarkets at 1.50

Chicken - the smartprice or budget stuff is exactly the same - just remove the skin! As the girls above have said - dark meat - MUCH cheaper and you can make great soups and casseroles with it.

Tesco have 2 packs for a fiver on packs of their extra lean healthy living meat range which are all free

Morrisons often have great deals on meat. And their in-house butchers are very friendly. You can buy lamb leg steaks already cut, OR you can pick a pack of meat which is cheaper per KG for the same meat and ask the butcher to de-bone and de-fat it. He will, and he'll put it in a plastic pack for you with the lower price on it - et voila - lean meat chunks for the price of boned meat!

Hope that helps Phil! Good luck!
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Being a student I am constantly on a budget, I usually go to the larger supermarkets and go to the fish counters. If you go mid morning they almost always have lots of fresh fish packaged up and at a reduced price. This is perfect as fresh fish can be frozen until you need it!

Some of my 'catch of the days' consisted of absolutely hugeeeee seabass fillets for just £2!!! It's defo worth checking out..

x x x

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