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Red days only - comments appreciated

I've been mucking about for a month and now just want to get into sw properly.

I had my first 100% day yesterday and would appreciate your comments. Would also like any advice on B choices as I try to avoid bread and don't like cereal....

B: Activia yog. - 0 syns
S: vindaloo fridge raiders - 3 syns
L: stir fry veg, small amount of chicken and soy sauce - free
D: swede and tinned toms (as didn't like what I cooked)

Bit of a lack of HEX there. Need to keep syns low as it's my 30th on sat so I will be drowning my sorrows!!
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big bear

A bear on a mission!
Just by looking at your diary you don't seem to be eating enough.

Could you not have egg/mushrooms/tomatoes/bacon with fat removed for brekkie only an idea. Do you like cereal bars/weetabix? Maybe fruit for brekkie.

Also more fruit for snacks, you must be starving if that's all you ate. You say you've your 30th birthday but you can still eat loads and have syn free days or I'd advise that you have 5 syns a day.

I'm not following plan at the moment but will be once babs arrives but when I was doing it the more I ate i.e. free foods the more I lost.
Breakfast is impossible on a work day. We have no cooking/refrigeration facilities and the restaurant is far too expensive.

I will go and buy more fruit, it's such a pain as the stuff I really like is expensive and has a short shelf life (strawberries, peaches etc)
I did mean to get my frozen berries out to bring to work today but completely forgot!

I reckon I will buy some Alpen lights for my B choice but I still quiver when I eat carbs!

big bear

A bear on a mission!
How about taking boiled eggs with you, maybe some ham, tomatoes?

Is there not any other fruit you like? I'm just concerned that your not eating enough hun and what'll happen is you'll get hungry & fed up and this is when you're likely to pig out/go off plan.

If I think of any other brekkie ideas I'll let you know. Do you not like any cereal at all? You do need to eat some carbs..
Well I'm doing better today I think....

B: activia yogurt. 0 syns
S: 2 clementines. Free
L: stir fry veg + soy sauce. Free
S: Apple and reduced fat biccie. 3.5 syns
D: will be home made Bol and swede. 2 syns
Pud: fruit salad and yogurt. 0 syns
Another biccie and cup of tea. 3.5 syns

So, that's 9 syns, my A choice for milk in tea (well a bit of it) as well as quite a bit of fruit and veg
Does this seem about right for a day?

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Yeah much better, as I said just don't want you feeling hungry. Have another look through the free foods & fill up on them but of course if you do feel full and satisfied fair enough X
Hi there Lisaberry!

I'm also stuck for B ideas like you - as I'm not a fan of cereal and find it easier to just cut out most bread than limit my intake.

Have fun celebrating your 30th! And no need to drown your sorrows, 30 is the new 20 right???
Well, the birthday is over and I'm still mucking about. Grrr! Need to get my still chunky bum in gear to be at target for chrimbo.
I was sooooooo hungry yesterday. I just didn't know what to eat. There's only so much ham wrapped toms one girl can take! Any suggestions???

B: cherry choc muller, apple, satsuma. - 2 syns
L: massive salad with a wee bit of fat free French dressing. - 1 syn
S: apple, satsuma and Alpen light - half a hexb
S: ham wrapped cherry toms. - free
D: swede with Ww hot pot 4.5 syns
S: 2 packs of vindaloo fridge raiders - 6 syns
Pud: blackberries and vanilla activia - syn free

I also had my A as milk for tea.

I ate loads and was still hungry. Didn't have my second Alpen as was already over my 10 syns so thought I'd try and compensate.

Argh!!! Just don't know what to eat to fill me up!!
You didn't really have any carbs with your meals, maybe adding potato or rice to your evening meal would help or try adding sweetcorn to salad for it to be more filling.

Looks nice otherwise.
What about making some soup? You could take it to work in a flask if there are no facilities to heat it up. I made an amazing sweet potato, butternut squash and carrot soup last week and it was soooo delish and filling. Just bung it all in a pot with some stock, add some spices ( i put cinnamon, ginger corriander turmeric and chilli powder). Dont know about where you are but right now it has gone very cold in Edinburgh and I just want something to warm me up.

You could also do some SW quiche which is eay to take with you and can be eaten cold. There is a lovely breakfast quiche which you could cook in the evening and have for breakfast. Let me know if you would like the recipie.

The sweet chilli chicken is gorgeous hot or cold.
I know people are all different and need differing amounts of food but I would be constantly hungry if I only ate what you are having.:D

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