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Red Days Red days

Hi, I don't do EE, just stick with red and green. A lot of people find that red can be a lovely little boost so probably worth a try.
Today's a red and I've had...

2 weetabix with milk (A and B)

Fruit salad and latte (6)

Bacon and egg sandwich (B)
Packet of crisps (5)

Chicken and bubble and squeak.
Yog for dessert.

Not a very exciting menu but it fills me up.:)
I had veg left over from yesterday so swede, sprouts, cabbage and carrots. Mashed it all up and 'fried'. It's not quite the same without potato but quite yummy. A bit of gravy is lovely with it.
Hi, i do alternate red/green days. Today is red, I have had

2Alpen bars (hexb)
2 apples
2 plums

Egg,bacon and tomatoes

For dinner I will be having:
diced chicken, peppers, onion, chillies, mushrooms with ol del paso smokey bbq spice mix (2.5 syns per half packet)
Muller light

I would def give red/green a try as dif plans seem to work better for different people.

Hi Blonde8,

I find Red days are more effective and do them quite a lot, so here are a few ideas...

Omelettes, with various ingredients e.g. bacon or tuna, onion, cheese, tomato, mushrooms
Salads with any type of fish or meat, cheese and cottage cheese. Smoked, peppered mackerel is good. Another favourite is pear and stilton - not Red, but Superfree, I guess you could add a few bits of chopped bacon.
Bacon and egg

Cottage pie with a swede topping
Prawn stir-fry with loads of beansprouts (instead of rice or noodles)
Steak/Fish/Sausage and celeriac chips
A big 'grill-up' of bacon, egg, sausage (quorn or low-syn), tomato, onions, mushrooms, maybe a slice of toast.
Pitta bread pizza (Co-op wholemeal pittas are HEXB), with all your favourite toppings.
Roast dinner with Butternut squash instead of potatoes.
Chicken/Beef curry with buttenut squash instead of rice and spinach on the side.
Chicken breast stuffed with stilton, wrapped in bacon.
Chinese takeaway e.g. beef in oyster sauce (4.5 syns) with a portion of beansprouts instead of rice.

Hope that gives you some inspiration!

I do a mixture and was getting stuck with EE the whole 1/3 superfree was difficult for every meal and as i wasn't doing it 100% was getting stuck. Have a go at doing a red and green wk and see how you go, you'll be surprised how much you miss that 2nd HEB and HEA come to that, Have had jam on toast a few times for supper! Couldn't believe a teaspoon jam 0.5 syns and is enough to make you think you're being naughty lol
Each week we do 2 EE days, 2 red and 3 green. I like red days best.

A typical red day for us is.....

Fruit and far free yoghurt for breakfast (but we have that everyday)

Green salad with ham or smoked salmon or smoked mackerel or chicken

Steak and SW chips (obviously spud is hex)
A stew in the slow cooker (with or without spuds as hex)
Gammon joint and veg
Lamb tagine with couscous (hexb) (also have to syn the apricots in the tagine)
Chicken and veg

I have to say I find red much easier to come up with interesting food rather than green, also we use our syns in cooking not as snacks so this probably helps ie I'll cook chicken in wine etc.
This is a quick meal red day yesterday because I was busy

B: banana chopped and microwaved to warm, activia fat free vanilla yogurt, cinnamon

S: hard boiled egg

L: HM free veg soup, 2 wholemeal bread (HEB), 2 slices cathedral city lighter cheese melted on top (HEA), bacon, satsumas

D: Tin of M&S stewed steak in gravy made into a stew with Oxo, onions and carrots, served with 100g new pots (1/2 heb) and roast swede

scan bran cake (1/2 HEB + 2 syns)

milk in teas HEA
I only do red days, carbs is what puts weight on me and I know the plan from the old days so EE is just can't get my head around.

My usual day;

B: either mushrooms and fried egg in fry light and bacon grilled with all fat removed
or just fruit

L: 2 slices warburtons wholemeal (HEB) with 2 slices laughing cow extra light cheese triangles (HEA)

D: A sw meal cooked from scratch.

Snacks are fruit
I save my syns for white wine!!

It works for me I've now lost 20lb since 20th Sept. I am researching diff lunch ideas at the moment. Now its getting cold salad just isnt appealing. What I quite often do though is cook a SW chicken curry which is totally free and then take some in to work each day and reheat in the microwave.

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