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Red days?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Daniellej89, 18 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. Daniellej89

    Daniellej89 Full Member

    Im looking for some red day diaries please and some good red day recipes. Im pretty new at this and any hints/tips are welcome.
    Thankyou everyone :)
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  3. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    There's an old red day thread with ideas on, and *EB* usually has red days, not too sure if you need a certain amount of posts to view her diary though.;)
  4. *EB*

    *EB* Gold Member

  5. Daniellej89

    Daniellej89 Full Member

    Ooh fab thankyou ladies :)
  6. gemma1985

    gemma1985 Silver Member

    Funny enough I've just done my meal plans until Wed if these are any help:

    Breakfast:Magic Porridge (35g porridge oats HEB), Blueberries.
    250ml Semi SkimmedMilk (HEA) for coffees
    Lunch: x5scan bran (HEB), x2 bananas
    Dinner:Chilli Chicken Stir Fry (3 syns chilli sauce), fruit Salad
    Breakfast:x2 hifi light bars (HEB)
    Lunch:Eating out – opt for meat/fish and salad
    Dinner: Chickenfajitas (4 syns seasoning), Salad.
    Highlights Sachet HotChocolate 2 syns (250ml SS milk HEA), fruit Salad, 35g bran flakes (HEB)
    Breakfast: SWFry up, bacon, low fat sausages (3 syns), plenty of tomatoes & mushrooms, x2 400g wholemeal bread (HEB)
    Lunch:Chilli chicken (MARINADE NIGHT BEFORE),salad
    Dinner:Steak, SW Chips, salad and stuffed mushrooms (HEA 30g Cheese)
    ToffeeMullerlight, strawberries, meringue nest (2.5 syns)
    Breakfast:Magic Porridge (HEB 35g porridge oats), Blueberries
    Lunch: x5scan bran (HEB), x5 Laughing Cow Light (HEA)
    Dinner:Chicken wrapped in bacon, stuffed with x2 laughing cows (2 syns), stir fry,fruit salad
    (HEA) 250ml SSmilk
    Breakfast:x2 hifi lights (HEB)
    Lunch: x5scan bran (HEB), x2 bananas
    Dinner: SWShepherds Pie, (HEA 30g cheese), sugar snap peas & Fruit Salad
    HEA 250ml SSMilk
    Breakfast: x2Hifi light bars (HEB)
    Lunch: x5scan bran (HEB), x5 Laughing Cows (HEA)
    Dinner: Chickenand bacon Quiche with stir fry & Fruit Salad
  7. gemma1985

    gemma1985 Silver Member

    You might see a trend with the scan bran :sigh: I do 5 pieces a day Mon-Fri as it works for me and I'm sticking with it leading up to my holiday but hopefully some of the dinners may give you some ideas x
  8. Daniellej89

    Daniellej89 Full Member

    Fab thankyou thats great!
    I have heard about scan bran but not too sure what it is what it does could you enlighten me please?
  9. gemma1985

    gemma1985 Silver Member

    There's the scan bran challenge if you search on here you will find plenty of threads about it, it tends to divide people! works for some and not for others but basically it is pure fibre crisp breads and they aren't the nicest of things to eat!! but the SW challenge is to eat 5 pieces a day (5 pieces are a HEB or 1 syn each otherwise) for 5 days, with LOTS of water and in a nutshell you go to the toilet FREQUENTLY!:8855:x
  10. Vickyt89

    Vickyt89 Full Member

    Is the SW Shepherds pie syn free on red days or what do you use as a topping??
  11. gemma1985

    gemma1985 Silver Member

    It's about 5 syns but that's because I use a Shepherd's Pie mixture but you could search for a lower syn version or just use gravy granules and syn them? I make it:

    Extra lean mince
    Shepherd's Pie Mixture

    fry them all up and then put it in a glass dish and cook a bag of Aunt Bessie's carrot and swede mash in the microwave and top it with that plus my HEA cheese and bang in the oven to heat through and melt the cheese.

    The topping is so yummy I much prefer it to potato now!

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