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Red, Green or EE?


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green/red days...no need to follow the one third rule with EE and two extra a's and b's instead of one. cant compare to WW sorry
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Red & green when at home, EE when eating out.
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i have done extra easy days for nearly a year before discovering red and green!
and i now love greeeeeen, i usually do green on week days and extra easy on weekends :)


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EE, since that's what our C told us we were doing the week we started. But I'm sure our C told us last week that they're going to phase out green and red days, and just use EE from some time in the new year.
My understanding is that red and green plans will still be in the new books which come out next year, and that members will be able to continue with them.

And SW have recently brought out a book of red recipes.
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Extra Easy for me, and I doubt I'll change that. And I don't always stick to the 1/3 superfree with every meal, and I'm still losing weight.


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this is very interesting. i did SW years and years ago and lost a 2 stone and looked fab but i have never been able to do that again using EE. when i rejoin tomorrow i think that i am going to mix and match so a few days of either red or green and then a few days of EE.


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It's always been green for me and I love it. Bring on the carbs!
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Mainly EE, as it fits in nicely with the meals I eat with my parents and boyfriend. I do enjoy Green days as well though - have had two in a row this week. Red days don't really do it for me so much as I'm a bit of a carb-oholic!


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I mainly do EE on a weekend and if I'm eating out when working away during the week. The rest usually end up being red with the odd green thrown in the mix. I rarely do the same thing two weeks on the trot


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i did my first red day and i felt really hungry.. might need to tweak the way i planned by food diary for the day but didnt enjoy it i must say.. might just need to get used to it.

have always done EE but might start to introduce some red days for carb control and do something a little different..
S: 11st0lb C: 9st0lb G: 7st8lb BMI: 23 Loss: 2st0lb(18.18%)
Only been on EE so thats what I'm used too, I want to try a red or green but finding it harder for some reason! :/
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Green Green Green Green Green Green and then the odd Red/EE chucked in once a week or so :D

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