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Red lunches

Tracie Green

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ahh god i reallllly struggle with this!! im on a red day today and have just had strawberries and yogurt mixed up, but i know i will be starving in about 37 minutes!! sorry no actual advice but i will be watching this post for tips xx


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I know...I am too!! I had tuna salad today - with 2 tins of tuna...thats about all I can make easily and quickly!! Green days are so much easier! Ill be having another yogurt later and some more fruit cus that won't fill me up as much as what green lunches do.
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Red days are my downfall too - here are some of what i have

Jacket potato with tuna and hm syn free mayo (HEB)

Jacket potato (HEB)with sainsbury bgty egg mayo sarnie filler

57g roll (HEB) halved with a burger on each half and some bacon synned brown sauce and mustard and stir-fry veg (can be cold or hot!

Sw quiche/savoury slice cold (sausage/bacon etc) with either a HEB potato as wedges or salad

Turkey roll ups/chicken cold with salad (turkey or chicken breasts smashed flat with light soft cheese spread on the 85g is HEB and then cooked for 20-30mins in oven)

Hard boiled eggs with ham/cold sausages (joe's mini ones are free) and mustard and brown sauce (synned about 1 syn)

All topped off with a banana/muller light and possibly another piece of fruit or some grapes
I have ryvita multigrain with laughing cow extra light (usually use 2 of the six from hea) with ham and tomato. Then strawberries with a mullerlight yog. Yummy.

Kate xx


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I'm not great with red days either, feel hungrier on them!
Home made chicken and vegetable soup is a winner for me though, or a big tuna and egg salad, or left over chilli or curry or beef stew. I always make extra and leave enough for lunch sized portions.
Crab sticks with sweet chilli dipping sauce and salad leaves.

Hope you get some ideas!


is getting better at it
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i have been having a large mixed salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onions and lots of grapes with either tuna or lots of slices of meat, or i have a blt sandwhich, ham and mushroom quiche and salad, homemade chicken soups.
i tend to have trouble on a green day


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I frequently have a salad and then top it up with something I've bought on the way to work. This is sometimes cooked chicken or lean ham, but recently whole cooked prawns have been on offer, and there's enough in the packet for two people easily (though I tend to scoff the lot). It can be expensive though, but tinned tuna is pretty good too.

Also, if I make a chilli the night before I'll always make enough for a lunch portion the next day.
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I have chicken, prawns or ham and a massive salad, an omlette or homemade vegetable soups made with vecon or Bovril stock with 3 Ryvita and Laughing Cow Extra Lights (HEa and HEb).

I make a sauce for the prawns with fromage frais, a tablespoon of tommy sauce and some tabasco.

Hungry now !!!

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