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red wine

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by tara40, 23 April 2009 Social URL.

  1. tara40

    tara40 Loves Norman Reedus

    could you please let me know how many syns are in a standard glass of red wine.
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  3. red1983

    red1983 Full Member

    125ml glass is 4.5 syns - 175ml glass is 6.0 syns according to the syn section in the book hun kxx
  4. tara40

    tara40 Loves Norman Reedus

    oh my god, i think i will be cutting down on the red wine when i join next week.
  5. red1983

    red1983 Full Member

    Don't worry - i had a few glasses at the weekend and still lost. You will be fine!! xx
  6. Rachella

    Rachella Silver Member

    spirits are less syns (mixed with diet sodas of course) so if you like spirits then that's good because you can drink more spirits than wine within your daily syn allowance... not that I'm saying you should drink everyday!!!! :eek:
  7. paperclip

    paperclip Silver Member

    I find it easier to think in terms of bottles of wine (!) - a bottle is between 24 and 26 syns... easier than when you don't know how big your wine glass is!
  8. lauryloo

    lauryloo Full Member

    thats scary!! I could easily polish off a bottle on a saturday night!
  9. tara40

    tara40 Loves Norman Reedus

    thats great information. if i say it is 26 pts then i usually have just under half (hubby drinks more, guzzler). but i only have a bottle twice a week. then that isnt too bad.

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