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Refeed and terrified but determined, I think!

Well, have started refeed today. I am going to post my refeed plan here and if anybody has ideas to improve or if I'm going wrong, please yell at me!!! Loudly!!!
Had a wonderful 13 weeks with my diet buddy Kerry on TFR and am ready to eat again in the big bad world. :p
Had half a caramel bar this morning (couldn't manage anymore!), having a shake for lunch and then a chicken breast with small side salad with balsamic vinegar.
So excited to chew again because all I had were strawberry shakes for about the last 10 weeks. Didn't like anything else!
I am absolutely terrified that I will put up the weight again. I have not been this confident since before my 1st child was born over 6 years ago and I so don't want to lose that feeling. I am going on holiday in 4 weeks so I know the incentive will remain until then but really want to make this a life-changing thing. It is so important to me. Although lipotrim gave me the results I wanted and very quickly, I never want to have to do TFR again. But God would I recommend it to anybody in a heartbeat.
Anyway, good luck fellow re-feeders. YES WE CAN!!!!! Is feidir linn (for my fellow paddies!!!).
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Good luck on refeed, sure you'll be fine! :D


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Glad to see you on refeed. You will be fine, I lost 2 1/2 Ibs whilst on refeed, as long as you follow the sheet you will do well. Enjoy the food, back to real world:D
Good luck x
ha. my diet buddy. i told you id wait for you on the other side and you made it. so proud of you.


irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Well done on your losses hon. Such a great positive attitude you have too !!
You can maintain your losses. Decide on a healthy eating plan that suits you and your lifestyle. This will keep you on track.
Watch portion sizes, keep up your water intake. Don't go back to eating the old foods that you know will make you binge. There is a fab variety of healthy foods to choose from, so be adventurous.
Good luck
Is feidir linn!!!
Thanks everybody. My plan is to follow weight watchers after this. So that will start Tuesday. Today I am going to have one of the orange whips, then 2 salads - one chicken and one turkey. Wasn't so keen yesterday - don't know is it because I was never keen on salads unless they had a creamy dressing or is it because I used red wine vinegar as the dressing. I thought I had balsamic vinegar but was wrong so going to buy some today and hope for the best. It just didn't taste as great as I thought it would so I am now looking forward to starting all food next week so I will definitely enjoy it. Thanks for the tips Molly. I didn't do well with water yesterday as I was so busy it slipped my mind. Will do better today though. And am looking forward to a potato tomorrow!!!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Definitely the red wine vinegar made your salad too sharp. Balsamic is soo much nicer. I only ever have a dash of balsamic and lots of freshly grated pepper. Top tip: try a teaspoon of hummous if you really fancy a creamy mix.
Tried the balsamic vinegar and it definitely made the difference but I am very bored with the chicken salad already! I'm really looking forward to the potato tomorrow! Thanks Molly for the hummus tip - will definitely try that next week. Gotta admit am dying for the refeed week to be over!!!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Hang in there as it will be worth the effort. Lots of new flavours to experience once you get through a proper refeed.
Well, tonight I had a potato - cut up into chips and baked in the oven - with chicken - and it was the best meal I've had yet! Never has a potato tasted so good! I am looking forward to getting this week over with as I am finding it very difficult - knowing I can eat again but being so limited! Will stick it out though - once I get to a sandwich tomorrow and spaghetti bolognese, I will be in my element! I forgot how much I loved food - but only in small portions now!!!!
Hey was just wondering was anybody feeling hungry during refeed? I am finding I am quite hungry and I thought since my stomach has shrunk that that wouldn't be a problem anymore?
hi hun. just read your last post. i dont know if you remember 1 of mine when i first started refeed. but i was starving. its like the food triggered something, and like you said, its soooo hard knowing how limited you are. on lipo it was a definate nono. on refeed its bloody hard.

2 weeks down and im still hungry all the time. i get full really quickly, and then within a couple of hours im hungry again, but hungry enough to eat another small meal, its wierd. i thought i would only want 3 meals a day, but i dont know if thats gonna work. so im going to get some prawns this week and stir fry them with fry light, mushrooms, onions and peppers as a gap filler.

anyway, how you doing on refeed hun. hope your doing ok.

keep up the good work

Did really well on refeed until today - I was unexpectedly away for the day and so I had to eat out for dinner so I had a spaghetti bolognese but not sure how low fat the bolognese was. Wish me luck for my weigh-in tomorrow - I hope I haven't screwed up too badly!
Well, put up half a pound on refeed. Chemist said my TOTM so shouldn't take it so bad but that never affected me during the tfr so was very disappointed. Anyway, onwards and upwards I think. No other choice right?! On to weight watchers and hope I can shed 5 lbs before my holidays. It's almost impossible to believe I can lose weight without tfr! Ah well, gotta try. Too late to go back now. Good luck refeeders. Hello to my new life without too much flab!
god. its mad you are my diet buddy and i can totally relate to what your thinking. how do we lose weight eating food. i hgave not got a clue. i cant get my head around dieting. i am maintaining fine just about. if i was at my target weight i would be fine, but i have 2 stone to lose.

anyway. keep it up mary.

Read some other lipotrim maintaining threads on another website. One woman had written that she felt it takes about 6 months for your body weight to stop going up and down - she reckoned that it was the glycerin being repopulated and settling. So, I think it will get easier. Maybe the more experienced on here would have a better idea.
Sorry to jump in but wanted to ask u lovely slimmers for some advice; Thinking I need to do this for around 12 wks and started looking now at diet plans to follow after. Everyone is raving about this dukan diet???? Any thoughts people??? What are other people looking at. Know is a while off yet but thought I would try and use this time to educate myself. Suggestions are greatly welcomed and needed please xx

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Hey Nicki - answered you on another thread. Good luck!!!
Back on refeed today! So excited. Finished another week and a half of tfr and lost 12 1/2 lbs putting me within 2lbs of my target. I stopped so I could have refeed week done before my holidays next week. I've decided lipotrim is one of the best things that ever happened to me since I have this new lease on life! xx

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