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Refeed info needed please


Getting married in July!!
Hi old friends and new. Im now refeeding after 14 weeks of tfr. My pharmacy didnt really give me any info on refeeding. I have the reffed sheet and the samples of maintenance products but thats it. So far ive had the bar, the orange and the purpil one. With the shakes ive just been making them with water in my hand shaker like i would my tfr shakes but they r really foamy that way. Does anyone know if this is how theyre ment to b? Iv heard that the chocolate is to b made with milk, is this the case for any of the shakes or d soup too??

Also is it ok for me to use the maintenance bars during refeed as they seem to have fruit in but you cant have fruit in the first few days of refeed. I really hope its ok to have them as i had one both today and yesterday.

Any help or advice would be greatfully recieved. Thanks! X
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maintaining since June'09
Hiya! Well done on your losses! You've done brilliantly! :D

The orange creme drink and summer fruit shake ARE very 'foamy' so you're not doing anything wrong. The choc whip IS a whip, not a shake, you'll need to do it with a whisk, I used a stick blender. You use 250mls of milk for that (I used skimmed but I THINK you can use semi, not sure)but water in the drinks and the soup.
Maintenance bars are fine on refeed though by day 4 (?) you'll only be having one tfr shake or maintenance product per day anyway.

Do try to stick to the refeed sheet to the letter as it's important to reintroduce things at the rate and in the way they say. Keep up your water intake too!

Best of luck :D xx


Getting married in July!!
Thankyou janD!! Ive done day one for two days and today im moving on to day two.

With the soup does anyone know is it better with hot, warm or cold water? I didnt like the tfr soup at all so im not used to making the soups at all. Xx


Getting married in July!!
Hi mary. Yeah im loving refeeding but its a bit strange isnt it?

I'm not actually hungry for food im only just eating it cos d refeed sheet says to and i need to be able to eat at my best friends wedding on dec 3rd. I was worried that once i came off tfr id b soo tempted to lace into fatty junk food cos i had a lot of craving while on tfr but its wierd so far on refeed ive had no cravings at all so im hopeful that after refeed ill b able to maintain sensibly.

Im finding i have lots of queries like how small is a small cereal bowl for the salad, do u have to put salt, pepper and dressing on or is that optional, when you get to the days with carbs do you have to eat the full amount, what amount of tuna do we use, the low fat sauce for spagetti is that dolmao light or can u make your own with tinned tomato and herbs. Also the refeed doesnt add in stuff like cheese, when should i add this in?

If anyone could advise me on any of these matters that'd be fab cos it really is a bit over whelming.

Xx thanks for the help everyone. Im thrilled with how its going so far.
I don't feel hungry either so I'm making the most of it!

I haven't done the refeed by the book I'm afraid for a number of reasons, one being that I can't get to the pharmacy.....the other is I tried a couple of samples once before and thought that they were disgusting! I'd rather watch what I eat of proper food. I didn't have any kind of food addiction before LT I'd just let a number of health problems get on top of me.

But if I can answer any of your questions, I haven't been stressing out about the amount of salad and have just had what I wanted, with a bit of M&S balsamic dressing. I've had a few shavings of fresh parmesan on my salads too. Haven't been having much in the way of carbs and that's a conscious decision as I still want to lose more weight.

I feel very in control, no food cravings but didnt have them before so wouldn't expect to get them now.

Good luck, sorry I can't be more helpful x
I have used normal shakes, not maintenance... I got some choc whip but not had them as I had not bought milk lol
Just a handful of salad to start with, and if you dont want all the carbs, just eat what you are comfortable with. You will find that you dont need to add salt and pepper like you did before LT, as your taste buds will have altered so much. Even after a year and a half maintaining, I still only use a fraction of the salt I used to use, but I do use more pepper now.
I agree, I loved salt and pepper before, but I havnt had any at all, don't want to change the flavours to be honest x
Hey Sandra
Hows things i will be re feeding in a couple o weeks and i will be looking to you for lots of info if thats ok
Hi Craig ....I'm ok, had a tragedy and lost one of my precious cats this week so heartbroken......diet wise I've stayed the same over Christmas, haven't been out much as I'm still recovering from the op but I'm getting about, largely without crutches or a stick so that's good.

I don't actually find eating a problem.........I still haven't regained my appetite and though I enjoy what I eat I enjoy being slim again far more. I'll happily help and advise you all I can, advice so far would be to record every single thing that you eat on here, without fail or exception!

You? Have you stayed 100% over xmas and are you still cooking? X

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