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Refeed question.... (eventually)


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Hi There,

This is my first post though I have been reading this forum for several months now.

I feel a bit guilty just popping on to ask a question without contributing much myself so I'll tell you my boring story first...

I heard about this diet from my wife a couple of months ago, somebody at her place of work went on it and lost loads of weight so I went to the Chemist to give it a try. The Chemist took some convincing but I insisted, in the end they let me start the full replacement food program.

Before I started I was 14stone, 5'11" and 35 years, but was rapidly gaining trouser sizes. Five or six years ago I was comfortably wearing size 32's, so when I started struggling to fit into some of my 36's I thought it was time to do something.

I know my increasing weight was not just down to overeating (sometimes I don't even eat until 5pm) but maybe it's the fact I've been eating irregularly and late at night, I've also been drinking beer and cider for the past 5 years without any real exercise.

So for me this diet was about a total change in lifestyle :

- Firstly, I hoped it would help me kick drinking through boredom and habit.

- Secondly, help change my eating habits

- Thirdly, (if that's a word) to give me a reason to start exercising again.

After 7 weeks on the diet I'm 12st and very happy. I've been Jogging regularly several miles but noticed I lost most weight when I did not jog :confused:. I've kicked the drinking, and thanks to you lot I regularly wear my new slender tone belt.

I did not find the diet hard at all but I suppose it helps when you love the shakes. People said I must have massive willpower but I suppose it's easier to make a total change in lifestyle rather than changing bits and bobs of your diet and trying to stick with it for years on end I'm sure you will agree. A shake in the morning and a shake at night, what could be easier.

And Finally my Refeed Question

Anyway, that's me and I've just started refeed but here is where I'm confused.

My chemist gave me 14 refeed packs (£20/week) and told me I must have 2 per day and one real dinner and must keep this up for a month before I start going onto 2 real dinners. The plan (what I can remember of it because I've had no leaflets or printouts) seems a lot more strict thank the ones I've read on here.

(On here the plan seems to get you back to propper foods rather rapidly)

Is the Chemist trying to milk me or is he just trying to bring me onto food more slowly. I'm at a junction this lunch time, should I go for 2 real meals or one like the chemist told me because after the hard work I've done I would like to get this right.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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sorry cant help with the refeed question just wanted to say well done on your weight loss x


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the refeed thread on here is the leaflet i was given by my chemist ...also the one LT themselves recommend if you ring them ...follow it to the letter and you will do fine
Please follow this to the letter...chemists know diddly sqaut!!!! and yes...he's milking you
Refeeding after Lipotrim Total Food Replacement Without Excessive Weight Regain
The plan for Refeeding applies to both men and women...

Follow exactly - do not add extras and, more importantly, do not miss out any steps. You may have milk in your tea and coffee, if required, and you can now have diet drinks again.

Avoid fruit juices (simple sugars) until the end of the week. No alcohol. Try to drink plenty of water. Most people do not drink adequate water and now you are in the habit, stick with it. At least 2 litres per day.


Have 2 Lipotrim servings and one meal, as follows (men continue to have 2 servings, as before, while women take 1 less serving of Lipotrim)

At lunchtime or evening meal time you may have some skinless, boneless chicken breast or white fish fillet, or some skinless turkey (about 4-6ozs.) The fish or chicken may be steamed, microwaved, baked or cooked with a little water in a non-stick pan. Season with salt and pepper. Or you may have tuna fish in water or brine (drained). Vegetarians may use tofu or quorn.

You may also have either a moderate serving of salad (small breakfast bowl) from any of the following: lettuce, cucumber, cress and watercress, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, peppers, bean sprouts, celery dressed with a little lemon or lime juice or wine vinegar (try balsamic vinegar, it is quite special), or it you prefer, a moderate serving (2 heaped table spoons - no more) of some cooked green vegetables. You may not have bread, grains (rice) or pasta until Day 4. Fruit should wait until Day 4 at the earliest (later if you have carbohydrate problems). You can have milk in tea/coffee

Day 2 You will have only 1 lipotrim serving and 2 meals, as described on Day 1.

Day 3 Same as Day 2, but you may also have - at one meal only - 8 ounce potato, plain boiled, mashed or baked, but with no addition of any fat. You may like to top with some skimmed milk, plain yogurt or very low fat fromage frais and a sprinkle of herbs.

Sample Menu for Days 4 to 7 ...

Sample menu for days 4 to 7.............

Breakfast Lipotrim serving.

Lunch Fish fillet (any type - cod, salmon etc), serving of potatoes ( 1 medium jacket or 6 new potatoes or a serving-spoon mash - no added fat) Yogurt ( low fat).

Diner 4-6 ozs chicken (no skin), jacket potato, salad. Fruit (if appropriate) or low fat dessert.

Evening Sandwich (no spread of any sort), consisting of: pickles, fat-free mayonnaise, salad/carrot, slice cold meat (low fat).

Snack 1 or 2 pieces of fruit (evening, if appropriate)

Breakfast Lipotrim serving

Lunch Sandwich (no spread) - any low fat filling, ie tuna. Bowl of salad. 2 pieces of fruit (if appropriate) or yogurt.

Dinner Spaghetti Bolognas, consisting of: drained lean mince, low fat sauce, 4 ozs. Cooked spaghetti, serving spoon of vegetables. Dessert.

Snack or Evening.

Tub of very low fat fromage fraise, flavoured to suit with either slices of fruit or low fat jelly crystals for a sweet option or herbs and spices with added crunchy vegetable, for a savoury snack.

Or maintenance range - orange-cream drink or chocolate whip dessert (see leaflet).

The main point to understand in following the plan is not to have an any added fat in your food or in its preparation.

There is more than adequate fat for daily requirements naturally occurring in a diet chosen from a wide range of foods. There is no benefit to adding fat in preparation - only weight back on.


The failure of all diets has, in the past been maintenance. Regardless of the methods of weight loss, more than 95 people out of every 100 who managed to lose some weight have put it all back by the end of one year.

By five years, it was hard to find anyone who had kept their weight off.

The failure of weight maintenance is largely due to the over reliance on 3 rather ineffectual means of weight control.

These are:

(1.) exercise, (2) portion control and (3) Calorie counting.

By now you should all understand the limitations of each of these strategies.

Exercise cannot cope with a large enough excess of Calories.
Portion control and overall food restriction trigger primitive hunger instincts and lead to out of control eating.
Therefore, weight maintenance fails.

One of the reasons that people find weight maintenance so difficult is that, in serious overweight, more than one problem may exist at the same time.

Most people now appreciate the fact that, in order to resist weight regain, it is important to avoid as much unnecessary fat in the diet as possible.

This simple message remains true, despite the sometimes confusing messages about fat that are presented in the media.

Remember the simple statement - Fat Makes You Fat....

Some of the confusion is caused by the commercial needs of the edible fats industry. This is a very large wealthy industry which loses income when people avoid eating its products.

Other causes of confusion relate to the differences between saturated and unsaturated fats.

There may well be health implications associated with the balance between saturated and unsaturated fats in our food intake. BUT, the effect on our Weight is exactly the same whether we eat animal fat, fish fat, olive fat. Vegetable fat or any other fat - saturated, mono-unsaturated or poly unsaturated. FAT makes you FAT.

*Information for you on 'Meal Replacement Schedule'...

After refeeding, begin by replacing any 7 meals per week with standard Lipotrim formula or flapjack.

1.) This permits you to remain in control of your total weekly caloric intake.

2.) After 14 days, you need to return to the pharmacy to be weighed:

* if your weight has remained stable, continue in this manner;

* if your weight continues to drop, reduce the meal replacements to 6 for the next 2 weeks - repeat the sequence, substituting one traditional meal for a meal replacement until your weight remains stable;

* if your weight increases, then you must replace further meals. Replace 9 meals with formula for 2 weeks. If still not stable, substitute for 11 meals.

Find your appropriate level of meal replacements for weight stability. Then make sure that you attend the pharmacy once a month for a check. Always adjust your meal replacement schedule to the previous month's weight stability.

Source Lipotrim Pharmacy Programme
Refeeding after Lipotrim TFR Without Excessive Weight Regain


Says it as it is!!!
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Glad you are loving the slendertone...they rock dont they...


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Very well done on your loss. Enjoy the refeed


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Thanks everyone, I though he was trying it on. No matter though as I'll keep buying the shakes and save what I don't use. I'll not say anything to the chemist, I wouldnt want him to get funny and stop my supply :rolleyes:.

I was lucky with the slendertone really, my sister bought her boyfriend one and he'd never used it so she gave it to me. I must wear it 4 times a day.


Says it as it is!!!
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Hun, you can buy the maintainence shakes direct from the lipotrim website.... you don't need your chemist!!! Robbing bugger...

cool, lucky bugger...free eh.... zzzzzaaaaaaaaapppppppppp

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