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Refeed question


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Here goes..... ive been on LP now for 2 weeks (WI 2mz ekk) At he end of June I am going to America to visit a friend so im gonna do refeed the week before. Then I came back a few days before my graduation so my mum wants me to come off it for that so we can have a meal (she is on LT as well so is gonna do the same.

Now as I am going traveling in August, my intention was never to stay on LT till i reached my goal but just to come off when i was about to go. So my pharmacist said to start refeed 2 weeks b4 the end of July...

Now if im gonna be comin off it for my first trip, then for Graduation (that takes me into the 2nd week of July) i'd go back on it for a week then before i started my final refeed...

So.. should i just come off it b4 i leave for my first trip and then just do refeed till end of July, as I can still lose cant i?

Wow I hope that hasnt confused you as much as it has me :D

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hey that sounds like a good plan, but just remember and be strict on the refeed to and you will still get some loss

sam x


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Hi hun yeah that sounds like a plan to me, it will take a few days to get back into ketosis then you will be off it again! I lost 10lb refeeding and only started to maintain because i increased my fat intake a little as i had to! If you are strict and sensible you can def still lose xxx


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Thats great! Thanks girls! Im gonna tell my pharmacist today so hopefully it will be good to go in June.

I will be very strict with the refeed!


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