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Refeed question...


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I'm not yet on refeed but like to plan ahead. ^^
I've not found any info at all about how long the refeed lasts or what to do after the first week.
Could some of you refeeders give me an idea of how long the refeed lasts on average before you go off LT completely? Is it just until you've lost all the weight you wanted?
Also when is salmon and malt vinegar allowed? I know in the first week you can have tinned tuna but there's no chance I'm having that (Its what we give the cats!) so would it be ok to substitute it for salmon?
Any info you could give will definitely be helpful! :3
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Refeed should ideally be done for 14 days.
I personally swapped white fish for a smoked fish earlier than they recommended and it didnt do me no harm.
As for using the maintenance products, they will recommend you to continue to use them, even for maintenance, but when I weighed up the cost I decided against them, I use the free samples of maintenance products only, but I am on week 3-4 now and I have started to use proper foods, I am loving porridge for breakfast with honey etc.
Adapt it to suit yourself chick, but do follow the refeed properly, with the exception of the cat food.....lol


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X3 That's a great help! Thanks so much!
I think I'm definitely not going to bother with the maintenance stuff after the refeed (I can thankfully already maintain on my normal diet) though I'll be sure to follow the refeed to a T. Porridge sounds fantastic, I'm definitely getting some for after LT!
I have just updated my refeed diary and logged each day, with the exception of last weekend. Hopefully it can help you a little.

Good luck with refeed, you will find the tastes amazing.


I will be skinny again!!!
yep im having porridge with honey in the mornings and still maintaining :)

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