Refeed starts tomorrow. EEEEK!!

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  1. and

    and Silver Member

    So tomorrow is the 24th - the day I promised myself I'd do this until...

    I've planned my refeed for the week (I thought this could help):-

    Day 1. 2xLT + 2 soft boiled eggs + 5 spears of asparagus.
    Day 2. 1xLT + 2 eggs + small bowl mushroom+ tomato grilled.
    150g grilled tofu + small bowl mushroom, onion, pepper, tomatos grilled.
    Day 3. 1xLT + 2 soft boiled eggs + 5 spears of asparagus. 150g quorn chicken + 22og boiled potato with small bowl onion, mushroom + tomato.
    Day 4. 1xLT 150g quorn+ 220g potato + 2tbs brocoli+ light gravy. + 150g grilled tofu + small bowl mushroom, onion, pepper, tomatos grilled + 4oz cooked brown rice. Banana. (600 + 142cal.)
    Day 5. 2xLT Bosco- Warm garlic mushrooms, baby mozzarella, avocado, roasted tomatoes, spinach, rocket, balsamic syrup, honey & mustard dressing, warm dough sticks (792calories. + 282) << Going out to pizza express with friends and I think this seems the best option.
    Day 6. 1xLT + egg+tomato sandwich (no butter) + 160g quorn + 4tbs veg curry with 4oz brown rice. banana. (641+142cal)


    Any comments or suggestions gratefully received :)
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  3. Nic1559

    Nic1559 Full Member

    Looks really good. If you don't mind I might steal this for my refeed at Easter, it's a great plan.

    Good luck xx
  4. KrisAlexa

    KrisAlexa Full Member

    Good luck with your refeed! Xx
  5. and

    and Silver Member

    Well, I've eaten two medium eggs (poached not boiled) and a few small asparagus spears...

    The first bite was great but the rest was very disappointing! I've been looking forward to this for a week!

    I enjoyed my chocolate LT shake more that I had last night :(

    Very odd!
  6. and

    and Silver Member

    And I feel more hungry than I have done for weeks! doh!
  7. JennyLane

    JennyLane Full Member

    Keep drinking water! That "hunger" is your body wanting carbs and sugar - resist as long as possible!!
  8. and

    and Silver Member

    This refeed lark is HARD!

    I've had my eggs (dry fried) with grilled mushrooms and tomatoes - was really nice - but have thought about more food ever since. I want more! :(
  9. JennyLane

    JennyLane Full Member

    Well put it on a bed of spinach, rocket and lettuce with some balsamic dressing.
  10. and

    and Silver Member

    You can't have that much on refeed. It's limited to two heaped tbs of veg or a small bowl of salad.

    I had the full amount. I made the mistake before of saying, "oh it's only salad!"
  11. and

    and Silver Member

    Day 3. 1xLT + 2 soft boiled eggs + 5 spears of asparagus. 150g quorn chicken + 22og boiled potato with small bowl onion, mushroom + tomato.

    Well I had scrambled eggs with tomatos and mushrooms instead of my planned menu for breakfast.

    For lunch I had a baked potato with 5oz quorn roll and two heaped tbs of steamed spring green. I used a splash of very thin bisto gravy just to stop the dryness... Wow was it good!!!

    Not had my LT mix yet - too full atm and I've only drunk about 1/2 litre water so far!

    Must drink more! I must remember to keep drinking!!!
  12. and

    and Silver Member

    Day 5 of my refeed today and weigh in day. I've stayed the same so that's a good thing (I was hoping to lose a pound or two obvs but still better than a gain!)
  13. and

    and Silver Member

    And this is where it gets hard for me!

    Day #7 then I'm, 'on my own'... no plans telling me what to eat.

    Argh! Help!
  14. and

    and Silver Member

    And everyone is ignoring me cos I'm refeeding and having a break. I feel so alone. :cry:
  15. Teapot

    Teapot Gold Member

    and, how are you doing?

    You're not alone, I'm rooting for you. You can make sensible choices, you can do it x x x
  16. and

    and Silver Member

    Whoooo! There is someone out there :)

    lol - srsly tho... I am struggling to eat at all... Very odd. Day 1 and 2 I was hungry but since then I've lost my appetite!

    I'm really panicking about putting on weight too... gah!

    Today I've managed some soya chunk stew with one slice of bread, a bit of yoghurt oh and for breakfast I had an exante porridge sachet...

    I'm starting to worry I'm going to be malnourished at this rate.
    I feel bloated :(
  17. Teapot

    Teapot Gold Member

    Oh no luv. Try reducing the carbs you're eating. You might have a yeast reaction that is making you feel bloated?

    Are you still drinking lots of water?

    K x x x
  18. Citylady73

    Citylady73 Full Member

    I'm only just starting the plan and I am already dreading refeed lol. It sounds as though you are doing it all right. Good luck :)
  19. and

    and Silver Member

    Thanks guys.

    Teapot- I'm hardly having any carbs - yesterday I had once slice of bread. I think that was it!

    Today I just feel tired, but that's more to do with lack of sleep than diet I think.

    City - I've done LT about 5-6x times now. First time I went from about 14st to 12.5st or thereabouts.. Never put that weight back on but I have yo-yoed from 11-12ish many irritating times. The refeed and maintenance is the impossible bit for me! I AM going to keep trying though!
  20. Targeter

    Targeter Full Member

    And. How are you doing? I have same fears of coming off although I'm not quite there yet. I just came back on today after one week food break....didn't do a refeed, didn't see the point since I only wanted to eat conventional food for a week. I was so worried about putting on weight that I ended up eating once a day... Anyway I managed to loose 1lb on the week break.
    i worry so much about when I achieve my goal and come off...
  21. and

    and Silver Member

    I've done well this week. 1lb gain. I've eaten out 3x, had some alcohol and tomorrow I am going out to my friend's for lunch then curry in evening...

    Sounds like I've been pigging but actually I've eaten sensible portions - I left some sandwich in a cafe the other day as I was full (unheard of for me to leave food). I've only eaten when I've felt hungry, stopped when I start to feel nearly full. It's been very odd. I really hope I can learn to do this forever as I've not missed eating to excess.

    I've also been eating brown rice instead of white. Basmati brown rice is actually ok and it's more filling than the white variety I've found. I've hardly had any bread and 8oz of potato is more than you think. Been a good lesson.

    Oh and, 'frying' eggs with no oil isn't a problem if you don't mind an omelette instead of traditional fried eggs.

    I am meant to start again on Monday - I really should do as I need to teach myself restraint... The thought of one more month of slop doesn't appeal though. :(

    I must do it, I must do it, I must do it. Arrrrgggh!!!

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