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yeah there is did you not get a leaflet with your pack? you have 4 weeks of 3 shakes a day then on week 5 you have your 3 shakes and a 200cal meal for a week, hope that helps.


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Hi Chelly
The white booklet - page 14 gives the following guidelines -
Week one - 3 meal replacements plus one meal
Week two - 2 meal replacements plus 2 meals
Week three - 2 meal replacements plus 2 meals
Week four - 1 meal replacement plus 3 meals

It says:-
"After completing the four week maintenance solution you will have returned to conventional food as your main source of nutrition. However many clients prefer to continue using meal replacement for some of their daily meals and as a continued long term weight management solution.

For those who want to lose a few pounds using this solution you can use between 1 and 3 meal replacement packs a day combined with healthy food choices."

The meals are 400 cals each as far as I can tell as that is the amount you have in the add a meal weeks and I cannot find any other calorie value for meals anywhere in the booklet.

Hope this helps, if you don't have a booklet I am sure Exante would send you one out if you emailed them.

Bren xx


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Thank you mrs!!

I should have a booklet some where actually, I just didnt see this on the website..

Thanks folks :D