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You can use the tfr shakes on the first day of refeed and would like to share with you on how it affected me and hope you don't experience similar

I'm also on temporary refeed and today is my first day, I had maintenance for breakfast and lunch and for dinner I had the minimum amount of chicken which i cooked on a dry griddle pan and made some salad. This took well over 30 to 45 minutes to eat and I just wanted to stop eating... urgh can't wait for the first wkend of sept to be over with just so I can come back to tfr.
mmm thats what ive been worrying about- i was going to stay on TFR for my holiday- the food dosent bother me- but i know i will want to drink alcohol on holiday- so will start my re feed next week and just see how i get on- good luck with yours!


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if you think you might want a drink stick with neat vodka. I had to start refeed tuesday gone but am finding it difficult as i can't even manage the minimum advised amount, i rung them up and they just said to try and have 1 meal no matter how small and two maintenance but one with a minscule amount of salad and a bit of fish or white meat but only because i will be returning to tfr when I get back.
Oh and a word of warning be prepared of a tummy ache ( i could be wrong but i had a pretty bad tum ache since i started the refeed oh and the water gushing out of bottom when your not expecting it)

wk1 = -6lbs
wk2 = -5lbs

started refeed this wk tues and by thurs' wanted to see how much I'd put on and low and behold i lost 6lbs :D :wee:


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Oh god don't drink vodka neat!!!! :eek: Make sure you have a diet mixer with it atleast! :giggle:

Enjoy your holiday :)
thats my plan vodka nd slimline tonic- thats my poison anyway! i dont drink that much but the thought of a holiday without a vodka of an evening......nooooooooooooo


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Defo stick to spirits if you can. The occassional pint or cider is ok though but calorie wise spirits are the best :D
dident go too well in the first week! i managed to put 4lbs on....and im off to turkey on monday for 10 days- god help them scales when i return!

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