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Reflecting on day one of 100% week


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So I did it. I recorded everything I ate. Here's me thinking I never use up all my syns. I was doing a red day... and I had chicken for my tea last night but didn't really have much in to go with it, so decided to have a small baked potato (3oz) and some peas (2oz), and some gravy, which is all I had in. So I dutifully weighed them out and recorded the syns. At the end of yesterday, I had clocked up 11.5 syns. And that's without having anything indulgent, like chocolate or ketchup or an extra HiFi bar for a sweet treat later. I did consider changing it to an Extra Easy day, and seeing if the syns value went down, but decided the whole point of the exercise was to actually observe what I'm eating and being honest with myself about the syns I'm consuming. So I stuck with red day, just for the sake of the experiment.

Interesting that when I don't write things down, which I've gotten out of the habit of, how much I'm actually eating and then putting out of my mind. I was surprised to get up to 11.5 syns. I thought I was lower than that. I was indeed kidding myself!

Oh boy... this is going to be a good week. I can't wait for this week's weigh in! :D
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I try and do food diaries every week and definitely notice the weeks I don't do them then I feel a bit 'uneasy' and nervous of weigh in as I don't know how much I've really had!

Well done for writing it all done! And don't worry if you wanted to change to an EE day - that's perfectly allowed! I would've probably done that so that I could then use my syns on 'treats'!

I, too, was 100% yesterday and continuing today. For me 100% is weighing my milk in the morning and I'll be taking it with me in a container to Starbucks this morning and later this afternoon when I'm meeting friends for a coffee so I know exactly how much I've used!

Mrs V

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Well done for writing it down Huni!
I make a point of recording everything that I eat, so that if things slow down, then I can look back and see a week that I lost a good amount on and work on that.
Its easy for the little things to just go in un-noticed!!
Keep it up and you should see a really good loss this week!
Well done Minders! I think that keeping a food diary helps so much. I have been doing SW for 6 weeks now and still keep one religously. If I didn't then I know that I would lose track of syns and HEX's etc. It is so easy to have a bit of Mayo here or a spread of butter there etc and forget about it! Well done ladies xxx


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I've made a point of doing a food diary and a diet diary since we started this - although it's slipped a tad today as only just got in from work. It does seem to help x


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I have to write things down too, plus I log it online. I have found I do far better when I actually write things down before they go in my mouth as it is so easy to forget things otherwise

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