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Sometimes we get so caught up in our own heads and all that goes on in there....especially, when its negative stuff because for some reason that sticks much tighter than the good stuff! :confused:

Anyhow...just wanted you to reflect on this a little, especially if now doesn't really seem like a great time for you.

Do you know – a thing cannot exist without its opposite … you cannot demonstrate love (for example) until you can demonstrate not loving; and if we never knew darkness we could never appreciate the light; and if you can’t know success until you’ve known “failure” (otherwise all you know is just the status quo with none of the delights success brings) and you can never know freedom until you’ve known restraint, or constraints, or captivation in some place you’d rather not be. SO …. this temporary dip has a really positive purpose – it will make your future success soooo much more thrilling and you will treasure it and hold on to it with renewed energy and vigour.

So, if things don't seem great now....visualise your future successes when you have the benefit of this experience and its wisdom under your belt! :) xx
Gosh Diva, that really made me think. You are absolutely right, this applies right across life doesn't it?
It most certainly does Barb!!

When you change your perception it suddenly makes our ups and downs seem more manageable because we know that the success is just on the other side. ;)
Now you've started with the positive thoughts, you won't be able to stop yourself Kandy....keep 'em coming!! :)

Thank you for posting that. I REALLY needed a perception "check-in" as things are not so good at the moment.

I felt better as soon as I had read it:) I don't reflect enough about myself.....just for clients. I need to change tha behaviour for sure.

Thanks mate....:D
That's no problem hun....I wrote it as a reality check for myself as well because we can spend so much time giving that we forget ourselves and don't realise until we're on empty and in the slumps!!!

I'm glad that you have gained a little something from it too...and really am praying that your successes are starting to come into focus now,
My successes are def starting to come into focus more now Diva. I think I just needed to give myself some myself. Space to think, reflect, consider and plan!!!:eek: It's a luxury for me nowadays.

This weekend away at VFBC has gone a long way to contributing to that and reinforcing things again for me about where I want and need to be heading.

Some deep and meaningful chats have taken place over the last 2 days and I've been reminded about putting myself at the top of my priority list:D

Thanks again D....x