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Reformed Weight Watcher

The title says it all!:rolleyes: I'm really enjoying EE but because I have followed WW (obviously not very well!) I just cant seem to let go of their principles!! Could I just bother you lovely lot with a few (!) wee questions?

Yesterday, I had poached eggs on dry toast (1 slice from 800g loaf). Then I had some low fat super noodles, I then finished the chilli mince from the night before. Because there was a good few hours between these meals that should really count as 3 meals, but I then had a late tea of pork stiry fry with noodles and Blue Dragon sauce (5.5 syns). I had 1 muller yogurt and a good few handfulls of grapes throughout the day.

Is that ok? Or too much? Or even really wrong? :)

Also, I've been invited to a BBQ tonight, now its a bring your own stuff so that ok.
Can I stick with EE or should I go red? :confused:
I had weetabix and fruit for brekkie, no lunch yet so I can do whatevers best. Ideally I would like some pasta soon but could go red if you think thats better.

I'm sorry I'm waffling on and I know its a hot sticky day but if anyone can be bothered reply I would sooooo happy.
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LOL, eat the pasta, make your own burgers or grab some low syn/free sausgaes from the super market for you bbq and lots of salad. EE is fine, no need to limit to red if you like the EE

yesterday is fine and dont worry about eating too much, its all good stuff so why not?

only 1 question, what are u eating as your HEA?

Youl soon get ur head round it so dont fret. also, were the noodles dry? and then boiled? .. cause the fresh egg noodles arent free, but im sure there low syn..

Thank you Fern, my HEA are milk in coffee, the noodles were the low far super noodles.
Ooops you meant the noodles with my stir fry! They were the the dried egg noodles - are they ok?


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Dried noodles are fine.
I do think you need to be up-ing your fruit and veg intake though. Can't see much there at all ;)


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All looks good hun. The thing most people find with SW is they can't believe that they can eat so much, so start limiting their portions or worse, cutting back on their syns! It's soceties fault really.

Eat, eat and eat until your full! And make sure you're having all your syns, start with 15 a day (and use them!) and if after 6 weeks of gaining/staying the same, then think of reducing them by 2-3 a day. Don't reduce them if you've just had a bad week.

You're doing fabulous!

Natt xxx

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