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Reiki I - any one done this?


a new way of living!
Hi all,

after receiving reiki rteatment in the past and feeling the benefit, I am doing a reiki I course tomorrow, and wanted to know if anyone else has done this, and what I should expect?

after this I can use reiki on myself, friends, family and pets (??) and need to do reiki II in about 9 months before I can practise on others.

anyone got any info/experience in this area?

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Mad old Bat with Attitude
This is something I have always wanted to do. Please let me know how you get on. I also want to do quantam touch.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
If you google the healing touch then I seem to remember a description on there. It's a form of healing. I'm hoping to do reiki 1 with Di Wilson this year.


a new way of living!
well I did the course, and really didn't know if I would feel anything. I was open minded, and just followed and listened you know. It was a one to one session.

after the meditations and attunements, I received a reiki treeatment, then to help me get a 'feel for it'. although level one is for personal use, I was coached through giving reiki to the masters daughter (about my age) who also does reiki.

I focused and concentrated on what I was doing, not sure initally if I would be doing it right (I was guided where to put my hands) and then I felt something, I could actually feel it!

there was a feeling over the left side of the girls abdomen, like someone flicking the palm of my hand, when we were chatting after, I never mentioned the feeling at this point, and she said that she was having pains as she was due on her period, and I was like OMG! I felt that. I was amazed, then we exchanged other feelings that matched up.

so last night I practised on myself before bed, and I feel really energised today - even though I had less than 8 hours sleep and a full day at work (I am part time usually due to fibromyalgia).

so I reccommend it, and you should feel it the same day as the attunement. I have to practise on myself everyday for 21 days, then on pets and loved ones for 9 months, then then I can do reiki 2.

very good experience, and if it helps all my ailments etc, then its the best £125 ever spent!
I have reiki I & II, sounds like its working well with you. I'm hoping to do III in the next few months.
Reiki II is much harder, you have to remember the symbols. I'ts much more powerful aswell and you can do distance healing. I'm intrigued to see how III goes! :)


a new way of living!
I would start by looking for a good therapist, try asking at your local therapy centre (either beauty, hair, physio etc) check your library ad board, google it, or have a look at the cma website The CMA

the therapist I saw is cma registered. also, make sure you are comfortable with the person, maybe have a treatment first, if you dont gell with them, look around. you could be training with this person long term so choose carefully.

good luck :)
I am lucky I guess. A family friend is a master and said she would give me all of them for an exchange of energy, she doesn't agree with charging for it. I have brought her some nice flowers for each one x


a new way of living!
I can feel the energy more now when I practise, but did anyone else have strange effects after attunement? I have vertigo, blocked sinuses (without blocked nose, just headaches) ear ache, my TMJ problem is far worse, and I feel like I am running a bit hot. I am off to the dr's today.

tried the grounding exercises but still dizzy etc... any ideas?

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