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Rejoined and determined

Hi everyone

Have finally rejoined SW last Wednesday after putting back on everything I lost last year. Have now got a real incentive to lose weight permanently as Paul and I got engaged on Valentines Day and plan to get married in September 2015 although date not set yet.

I also had a health scare on April 1st. I woke up with chest pains and went into work feeling off colour - it got worse during the say with breathlessness as well and also became very weepy. Manager told me to go and get checked out so I went to A&E on way home from work and was there for 5 hours hooked up to a heart monitor - also had blood tests and chest xray - everything came back clear and was told to go to my GP if still got pains in the morning, which I did. She gave me some more tests but can't seem to find out what is wrong. I have been signed off work since then and go back on Tuesday to see her as I have been resting as much as I can but although the chest pains have got less they are still there and also when I go upstairs or try to do anything (even just making meals) I am quickly out of breath. I have never been like this before and just want to know what the problem is so I can deal with it. The only thing that has shown up on tests is that my heart rate is high (around 120 resting) and the ECG showed up 'inferior infarction- probably old'

This weekend I am doing the 4 day menu from this month's magazine

Today's meals


Spaghetti Hoops on wholemeal toast (HEB) followed by melon wedges


Crustless Quiche with salad


Chicken Korma with Pilau Rice
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HAppy Easter everyone

No Easter Eggs for me this year. Paul bought me a couple of books instead as I said I don't want any chocolate. I bought him one though and I bet that will be gone by tomorrow!

Still following the 4 day Easter menu in this month's magazine

Breakfast - Eggy Bread with Fruit and Fromage Frais
Lunch - Warm Pasta Salad
Dinner - Pork Loin with Roasted Vegetables.

Have a great day everyone. I am planning on watching tv and cross stitching all day as still get very breathless even just going upstairs. Back at doctors on Tuesday and hopefully she will be able to get to the bottom of what is happening. She took me off one lot of my tablets which may have been causing side effects last time so hopefully once they are out of my system I will feel better.
Good morning - just got up at 10 today. Paul made breakfast -grilled portobello mushrooms and scrambled egg with fresh fruit (banana,strawberries and grapes) so all free except semi skimmed milk from hea.

How are you this beautiful sunny morning?
Still signed off work with my chest pains and breathlessness so Paul is having to walk the dog as even going upstairs to get dressed makes me breathless. I go back to the doctors in the morning to see what can be done = 3 weeks since I took ill and I am getting more and more frustrated at being like this. Have got to go to Tescos as bought a mini chopper on saturday but as soon as Paul switched it on it went bang and stopped working so need to take it back!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

What type of dog have you got - Sandy is a bitzer(bits of this and bits of that) and she will be 3 in May. She was a rescue dog and a birthday present for me 2 years ago when they said she was about 10 months old.

Am following the magazine 4 day menu over Easter as a bit of a treat and thoroughly enjoying it.
My dog is a rescued lab ..znd she is about 4. wouldn't be without her..and good for body magic too.
Sorry your feeling ill , sound s like more investigations needed x
Hope you don't mind me asking Whereabouts in the country are you?
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I am just down the M62 from you in Warrington within walking distance (normally) of Ikea - whereabouts in Liverpool are you?
My ex husband always said he came from West Derby but it was actually Norris Green!

Will have to see how I am and whether or not I am at work on 10th May for the minis meet - I work 5 days out of 7 with several weekends working in a 15 week rota so will have to check.
I work for Carphone Warehouse in their call centre dealing with mobile phone insurance for the RBS banking group. Do you work? If so, what do you do?
Do you work shifts as well then? At least mine are only between early starts of 8 am and late starts of 11:30 am as we are only open between 8 and 8
Wish I could get a job like that - am sure it is the shifts that have messed up my health as was always fit as a fiddle until recently despite my weight. Am really frustrated at the moment and need to get back to my old self before I get married next year.

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