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Rejoined last night - I am sooo full of motivation!

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Ok ok...I have to admit, motivation is not something that usually comes easily to me.

So imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning on day 1 and was full of enthusiasm for embracing the SW plan!

Previous times I have done SW I have not planned, not taken it that seriously, not worked out my menus...this time is so much different!

I have planned 2 weeks worth of menus, had all the food ready and waiting to go today...I have rejoined a couple of times in the past, and always had the mentality of 'here I go again'...not this time! I have approached it with a positive mental attitude, and what a difference it has made! Of course I may not be saying all of this a few weeks in, but I wanted to tell you all about it while it lasts lol!

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Good for you, Izzy!

Your motivation is because of your previous attempts, not in spite of them! I do think that changing your diet is a little like giving up smoking. You have to want to lose weight more than you want that food right now, just like the smoker has to want to give up more than they want to give in to the craving. You have to be in the frame of mind and at the right point in your life or else it won't happen. Your previous attempts have shown you that you can't play at SW, so this time you will take it seriously and this time you will succeed!

I have read in so many of your posts about your preparations. So as long as you want it and keep at it, I know you'll succeed. But do remember that there'll be bad days and demotivating times too, and make sure you've got a coping mechanism for those times as well as the good ones.

I am also hyper-motivated right now, and I'm sure this forum will keep both of us on the right track, even when the going gets tough ;)

Lady J

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Wow, your enthusiasm is infectious! I really think planning seems to be half the battle with SW - good luck! :) xx
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Lol yes it is infectious!!! I'm hoping that my change of attitude will mean week 1 will go really well, and I'll lose some weight on my WI, and then that will spur me on.

Like I say I'm one of the worst for yo-yoing and joining and giving up after the first day - this time I evaluated what it was that made me go wrong, and I'm prepared for it this time round! I WILL DO IT THIS TIME!!! He he


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Hi Izzy,
I'm so glad you're feeling so positive!! I am a strong believer that with a positive mental attitude we can acheive almost anything!! Interestingly you and I have a similar start and target BMI! I've been on the plan for exactly a year now! I started out feeling totally motivated and 'knowing' that I would do this, and I also started out actually planning to take it slowly as I wanted to rid myself of my history of the 'all or nothing' approach, to change my habits for good! And it's really working for me! I think if you keep believing it will happen it will- the power of the mind! I know this may seem like I'm blowing my own trumpet a little but I posted the following thread the other day and you may be able to relate to it and it may give you even more belief that you'll successfully get there! Good luck!!X

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Wow what an inspirational story Heather!

You are so right in a lot of what you said - you really have to see this as a change for life, and not just for Christmas! (holidays etc lol)

I have gotten into some dreadful habits over the years - like you starting when I was in my teens, and I'm 26 now and they have gotten worse and worse. It hasn't helped by having Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and only recently going for a diagnosis, and over the last few months I have been house bound with ME, so dramatically reduced mobility. I don't have a huge amount of control over my ME, but I wanted to take one area of my life that I DO have control over, and change it for the better.

I consider myself very lucky, in a sense, because I am off work at the moment. I have always been working full time when I have done SW before, and my ME meant that I would come home exhausted, and collapse into bed. Take-aways and ready meals were the easiest thing for me and my husband to cope with. But while I am off sick I am going to make the most of every day in making sure I stick to plan, as I have no distractions. When I go back to work I won't have an opportunity like this again where I can focus 100% on Slimming World, and I have at least another month off, so I am aiming for 7lbs off in that month!

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