Relearning your food relationships


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Hello all,
So I lose weight on Cambridge, then what?
Can anyone recommend any advice or books which will help me break my relationships with food and to make new healthy relationships with it?
I know you should work up the steps in Cambridge after ssing and i do plan to follow this but where can I get support for my emotional side of eating?
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My honest opinion is to seek out personal therapy, we all have different reasons why we have over eaten in the 1st place and my understanding is that somtimes life without food is very very hard.

Icemousse is an excellent point of reference and I am sure he will offer more structured advice than I can.

I think you have the right attitude by thinking ahead, good luck x


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understanding why we overeat in the first place, me personally i eat when im angry/upset, if things dont go well at home with OH and kids, i turn to food i know i do it but whilst on this diet i have found other methods to overcome this, usually taking myself away from the situation, finding a quiet spot in the house and relaxing, it so far has worked for me but its finding your own faults with food, i found mine by making sure before i ate the wrong thing, i would ask myself why i was going to eat it and if the answer was anything other then because im hungry i stopped myself.

Emotional eating is why my weight crept back on, so i now stop this cycle and learn to control myself

best of luck hun x


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I`m currently reading every book on the matter. I`m finding paul mckenna`s quite good at calming technics, also "only fat people skip breakfast" this is good on the addiction of eating bit.
i think anything you can do to sort yourself is gonna be better than doing nothing....
and if none of it works i`m giving myself 7-10lbs before i start to do something about it.


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Sorry if this sounds a bit obvious or patronising (don't mean it that way! Honest!) I don't really think a book can explain to you you're problems. You have to recognise them for yourself and then be willing to act on them. I worked out probably years ago that I eat if i'm feeling left out or deprived somehow. Which explains why I overate so much when I was pregnant, there was so much I wasn't allowed to do then.

The stupid thing was that even though I knew why I was overeating and would be completely aware of it it still wouldn't stop me. That's why i'm using CD as a way to have a break from food and consciously sort myself out.

The best I could suggest for you is that while you are SSing pay attention to the times you really want food. If you're in ketosis you shouldn't be hungry so assess what's going on around you and try to figure out why (are you stressed? upset? bored?). That's the easy part. Doing something about it is the hard part