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removing food grease stain - any ideas?


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I got olive oil out of my linen trousers by covering the stain with cornflour, leaving it for a while and brushing it off. The stain vanished & I didn't even need to wash the trousers

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Did u wet the cornflour or just put it on dry?

Was it a dried in stain?


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No, don't wet it. The olive oil had been absorbed into the fabric, which is what makes me think it might work for you - or maybe try talc, as the idea is that it absorbs the grease.
i squeeze some washing up liquid on the stain and rub in then wash as usual and the stain always comes out

Me too, but I like Leapfrogs idea of cornflower or talc.

Stain Devils are amazing things and never fail. I love them for things like biro stains.

While we are on the subject of stains anyone got any ideas for removing ink from the inside of a wooden tobacco box that I am trying to renovate. It is about 1920 and someone has obviously used it for pens, old fashioned nib pens.

Sorry this is a Hi jack !!!
I will try that with vinegar. Thanks Louise,



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Not to sound like I'm advertising for Ariel, but their new Stain Removal range (released a week or so ago) removed grease stains from my aunty's t-shirt. I know that a lot of places have got it on offer for £2.98 at the moment (like Wilkinsons) :) xxx

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