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Reputation Points


Staff member
You have to spread the reputation around, the gap inbetween is something like ten or twenty times before you can give it to the same person again.

i have had multiple rep points from someone, is that cos she's a mod?

I guess that is it:)


Gold Member
I can't work out how rep points work, I just give em and hope for the best but it doesn't take a lot to get me confused (methinks its nicotine/food/alcohol withdrawal) OMG why am I doing this lol xxx


Resident geek
I just tried to give it.. and it said i couldnt do it to the same post twice.. but i didnt..! i swear..! lol

x x


finding my way again !
Tried to send you one Cheryl & it wouldn't let me, said i had to spread it around :(.
TBH i don't give as many as i should so i SHALL make a concious effort to give more


Resident geek
i love rep points.. i proper take them too seriously.. (im a bit sad).. if anyone wants to give me some to make me smile.. thats ok by me.. heheheh..

x xx x x x x


Gone fishing
I don't think it's because whoever it is is a mod, because I'm always having to 'share it around':rolleyes:

It's probably because the person who's giving you the rep, is a very kind person and gives loads out inbetween, if you know what I mean.

Me....I forget:eek: I'm more inclined to agree with people in a message.

Note to KD: Don't forget the rep button!!!!


Resident geek
thanks KD.. and thanks Sarah for the rep.. it made me smile a lot a lot.. hehe..

Im so sad.. arent i?

x x x

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