Resetting For Monday - I've said that too many times..


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Hi all!
Very new to this, but I think I need some moral support.
In 2010 I spent a year in Oz.. and put on a stone... too many barbecues and too much bad quality boxed wine! I ended up getting to 11 st 9 lbs and the photos weren't kind.
I managed to loose 12lbs within about 2 months from Jan 2011, ever since then i've stalled around the 10 st 10 lbs mark.
Whilst I am physically relatively fit, and eat relatively sensibly, I still want to shift another 10lbs to get down to my ideal weight - and get my BMI bang on central.

I go to the gym when I can but am a sucker for a sugar hit at about 3pm at the office, a glass of red in the evening and something sweet after dinner.
There's been a couple of occasions where i'm really focused and can loose 5lbs, but then get lazy and frustrated.

The other difficultly is I am currently in the living situation where one of my housemates has/is recovering from an eating disorder, not anorexia so to speak, but a strict control over her diet due to self induced IBS (she hat cut out nearly all carbs and dairy as food groups for well over a year now), she also chronically over exercises, burning more than her intake on a daily basis. As some reassurance to you all she is now receiving professional help and, I hope, recovering slowly.

Subsequently, focusing on my own weight seems worrying and quite dangerous, i neither want to encourage her or make her feel like I am competing, I also scorn the extremity and control she has and really dislike the obsession with food an exercise. Unfortunately food and exercise need to be my focus whilst I try and kick-start a healthy diet and exercise lifestyle and improve my own body-confidence.

Another challenge is that my partner is a semi-professional athlete. He trains every day and competes at the weekend. He is a well built guy and has a great relationship with food. Evenings out and cooking re-fuelling food is something we do together - unfortunately that often means I eat the same time and type of food as him - just without burning the additional 2000 calories he does while training!

What I do know is that at the moment i'm not happy with how I feel or look and need to just start and maintain. Whilst I know the "start on Monday" mantra is silly, psychologically it helps me reset and focus.

Basically I have so many excuses, but looking for support and a space to write down my progress,slips and challenges to keep me motivated.

Good luck to everyone on here!

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Hi and welcome! Good luck with your weight loss :)