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Resist list

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At class this week we were doing goal setting for the week, and my C said her goal was to have a resist list. In other words every time you see something that you WANT but walk away from, you write down how many syns it would have been. Then at the end of the day, or week you can tot up how many syns you would have had. She said that it motivated her to keep on track because she felt so much better that she made the choice NOT to have them.

I decided to do that as my goal as well, because the amount of times I see things and think "Ohhhh wow... but no" and walk away, I thought it would be interesting to see what my totals would have been if I'd lived my old life and had them.

Yesterday alone I saved myself over 100 syns!! Ok so part of that was we drove past KFC AND McDonalds, and we'd been into sainsbury's getting our shopping, but in the old days I would have gone into BOTH.... If I couldn't decide between a zinger tower or a Big mac, then I would have got both. While out I added the foods to my blackberry journal app, and when I got home, I checked the syns out. The 2 burgers and a medium fries alone would have been 72!!

I was so glad that I resisted, and I made a yummy low syn fajita instead last night.

I'm going tot up the total at the end of the week, but it's great motivation for me, because I know that I would have just got the lot before, and is making me realise the great choices I am making now. And even if i DO slip a little and go over my syns allowance, I can say "well at least I didn't have the other 5 million syns with it".
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I used to do something similar - I called the resisted syns my 'angel points'.
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What a great idea! My C doesn't seem to come up with anything like this :( She's not very inspiring....but I'm hanging in there as a new C is taking over in a few weeks and she seems more lively!:D

Anyway, getting back to the point, I'm going to do this this week too. Be interesting to come back at the end of the week and compare what we've resisted???


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This is brilliant! I love the name 'angel points' too :D

By that reckoning I earned myself 21 angel points last night as I had a glass of wine (Tesco Light Choices 6 Syns for 187ml bottle) instead of blowing 27 Syns on a 750ml bottle of Gallo rose!!

AND I saved myself the rotten hangover :D
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This is a really good idea... something I will use as I like you am always walking past something whilst shopping thinking what if... or that won't hurt. I could actually see how many syns I would have used on that something and feel so much better for not giving in :)


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I love this idea!! This is such a good motivator for me right now, thanks for telling us about this!

So far today I've resisted a cheese and ham sandwich and lots of cookies.
Normally, I would have a quick sandwich if I was peckishbin the evening after having a big lunch. Today I made myself a salad instead. Here's to renewed enthusiasm!!!


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this is a fantastic idea, my weigh in is tomorrow so fresh week for me to start on :)

thanks for sharing :)
I went to the supermarket today and resisted pretty much everything there. I therefore award myself 13 billion "angel points".
I would so do this - but im gonna try to just give myself a * when i resist something.

I often have battles of will at the snack machines - where i want to push the numbers that will dispense a bag of Walkers MAX Rib flavour ridge crisps, and have to battle to press the numbers to dispense the Walkers Snaps (4.5 syns!!!) no idea how many syns in the Walkers Max - but i imagine them to be double the syns of the Snaps!!!



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This does sound a really positive twist on what we cant have.
I like it and today i have resisted a bottle of wine in the fridge and a chocolate croissant my brother brought around so about 40 syns resisted not bad me thinks.


Always comes back to MMs!
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Can I trade my Angel Points in for more syns?????

I don't think I've got the hang of this... ;o)

Fab idea though lol xxxx


I will be a Princess!
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Haha! You're all doing really well on resisting naughty stuff! I have to say I'm having a bit of a break this week...I'm on half term holiday and I've let some naughty stuff pass my lips (think Thorntons Caramel flapjacks ;)) but I'm ok with that! I've woken up to the fact that this is a plan for life, so if I want to be a bit naughty sometimes I can xx


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This is a good idea. I am going away for a week and I know I will be tempted off plan so I will try and write down all the things I don't have- that way even if I have a few things, I can feel better about all the things I didn't have and stay in a more positive mind set! :) Thanks for this idea :D


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Love this idea!!! :D Going to start immediately with the cake that some kind person has left at the end of my desk!!!!!! :mad:
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Yesterday, when I went into Holland and Barrett for my (bleurgghhh) Scanbran, I had to walk right past my absolute favourite Blackfriars Chocolate Brazil Nut Flapjack.

That hurt! So I'm really glad to find that I've now got 26 1/2 Angel Points at the start of my SW week.

Today may not be so good, as I'm about to go for a Chinese. Maybe I can resist and get credit for a little bit of it!


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That sounds like a great idea-I'm thinking that I'm going to bank 1p for every syn i resist and then when I've got loads saved up treat my self to a facial / massage or new dress (hopefully in a lower size due to all the syns I've not had!)

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