Resisting Temptation


So there I was, having had a very, very, frustrating morning at work - I went to get my car and bang opposite the car park was a fish and chip shop.

It's at times of frustration and stress when I used to be at my weakest for food and F&C are one of my favourite foods, so........

My hands went to my pockets to see how much change I had - was there enough for a portion of chips???

Then a thought suddenly struck is my weigh in day tomorrow (Thursday) and I will be handing over £50 odd quid for my next weeks supply of CD.....and I was considering ruining my whole weeks work for the sake of a £1 bag of chips.

The question of calories or carbs didn't even come into it....but the 'yorkshire scrooge' in me did...throwing away £50 for the sake of £1 'pleasure'? way!!

At that point I got in the car and drove off with another weapon in my arsenal against temptation....hard cash!!! I was driving away I worked out how much my weight loss had cost me so far in fiscal terms....just over £6 for every pound I have lost. That is one hell of an investment considering I have 156 pounds to lose before I get to my target weight.

So people....if you are tempted by that £1.50 cream cake...or that 90p bar of chocolate....just think about the money you may be throwing away when you hand it over for your CD and find you only have lost a pound or two...or nothing!!!

Count the other pounds occasionally.

It may make you think.
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Thanks for this....

This will now make me think twice.... its a brilliant weapon! :eek:


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S: 230lb C: 161lb G: 185lb BMI: 24.1 Loss: 69lb(30%)
thank you for this, i NEVER looked at it like this before


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i have always had money in mind but i have never thought to calculate how much each lb has cost me... and i daren't. i feel like i've been doing this forever!!

abz xx