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Restart 2/1/08...10lbs gone!

Yes. I'm joining you ... but starting now or I'll never start if I wait until Jan.

Lets do this! xx
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Count me in!

I would love to join you in a restart. After losing four stone this year I gave up earlier this month as I had so many social commitments over the festive period that I wanted to enjoy. Oh how I wish I hadn't given in though, I feel so awful and I am counting down the days until the 2nd January! I have got enough shakes for me to start on the 2nd and I have already booked for my CDC to come and see me on the 7th. No excuses and no backing out. When I did it last time I only told a couple of people what I was doing but I am going to tell everybody this time so that I don't have to make up excuses. I can't wait and I wish you every success in your restart. Good luck and Happy New Year to you!
To be honest I'm ready to start now too...but really can't.

Got the girls coming round tomorrow night....10 of us eating, drinking and playing stupid games no doubt.

Then on sunday I'm going to my sisters for New Year. Christmas has been a bit boring here....spent with ex husband! So NY it'll be good to spend time with my family and enjoy myself.

So it's gotta be next weds for me
HHmmmm Chrimbo with the ex .... sounds interesting :)

I know ow you feel about wanting to restart but knowing you can't. I'm so pleased Christmas day has passed. I'm SSing from now ... I need to lose weight ... even a stone loss would make me feel better than I do now.
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Hey Loopy, I just had a thought. Remember the Group Biggest Loser competition we had on the pink site? Drama Queens v Pink Ladies? Maybe we should resurrect it for our restart!
I still have the spreadsheet! ;);)
Hey Amanda

Yep I'm joining you tooooooooo!!!! Starting on the 2nd or 3rd of Jan date not decided yet but won't be any later than the 3rd and I can't wait!!!

Gen xx


Taking Back Control...!!!
Hi Hun!

As you know I'm off to the Toon for the annual VFBC.... and I too wish you were coming...:(

My re-start will therefore be 7th or 8th January at the latest.... I've a new counsellor I need to contact plus visit to the docs who has promised to 'sort me out...lol'....

I am now heavier than I was when I started LL in October 2005 so that's a regain of over 6 stone...:eek: Trying not to let it worry me too much - what's done is done and all that.... I am hoping that 2008 will be a year like 2006 when I was slim... bluddy fantastic....

We've done it before so we CAN and WILL do it again....

With you all the way..... still wish you were coming to the toon though....;)

Me too - I'm restarting on Jan 7th after the Toon VFBC! If I'm off the medication, that is - please God! I'm like a heffalump compared to what I was in Dublin but hey - that's life! Doh!

So many restarters!!!

Feel totally ashamed of myself....I've gone into hiding!

Can't wait to start.....feel so fat and bunged up inside.......

I've got a wardrobe full to busrsting of clothes that don't fit me....

Hopefully by the summer I'll be back to me again.




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Hi,Im new on here,Im Jacci and I must have 6 and a half stone to lose!Im starting on 2nd Jan,this will be the year I get my weight under control!Happy New Year to all and here's to a successful 2008.


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