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restart again!


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I am starting again,, heavier than I started. Ugh! I find Atkins v restrictive but low carb is best for me. I need to lose 2 to 2.5 stones. Please support me as much as you can! I am a serial dieter and I have been yo yoing for years and I just want to get off the merry go round. I feel so depressed and downhearted when I catch my reflection. I have been heckled twice in the past two weeks. My weight settles in an awkward way on my body and I am all out of proportion and strange looking.
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awh cc28, I'm sure you're not! So which low carb diet are you going to do?

As a fellow serial dieter, I try to figure out each time what went wrong... usually it's the glee at reaching target (or holiday or whatever) which makes me forget that that's NOT the end and I can't go back to vaccuuming up the entire contents of cupboards! (Well I can, but it shows on the scales!!)

So any insight on what makes you trip up, and what measures you can take this time to ensure that THIS time is THE time?


is going to loose!
cc28 I feel your pain and sadness as with others here on minis. xx

Maintainer has a great point about reflecting about where it is you are going wrong. Obviously at the maintaining stage. I too have done this reflection just recently this week.

I am going to loose this weight and do it slowly.
I am not going to keep reminding myself about my 'dieting' but rather just get on with it.
I am only going to WI once a week and stay of the scales to avoid heartache.
When I get to my mini goal for my holiday I am going to reflect about my hard earned efforts, enjoy my holiday and remind myself that my holiday does not need to entirely be focused on food and drink.
I may gain a couple of kilos but I will get back on track when I return and head towards my final goal weight.

I can do this and know I can! Our minds are very strong and we must work with them not against them.

Write a few things down and know that you have made the first step towards a better, healthier life.

Chin up darl!


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