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Restart for Alli


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Hi everyone,

I restarted SS on Monday and am suffering majorly!

Just to give you a little background, I went on CD a LONG time ago, and was doing really well, lost around 15kgs (33lbs) until I found out that my long term boyfriend had, wait for it... 3 other girlfriends at the same time as me!

Needless to say, I went of the rails and gained it all back and more. I completely lost confidence in myself and it took me a long time to have some sort of confidence in myself again. (I got fired from my job shortly after).

I started calorie counting and managed to lose 10kgs (22lbs) but I hit a plateau. So here I am on the CD again, SSing trying to get rid of the remaining 20kgs (44lbs).

I'm on my third day now and really struggling. Yesterday, I felt so sick and my head was banging but I managed to stick with it (went to bed as soon as I got in from work). I am now starting to convince myself that CD is not the way forward purely because I feel so pants.

I was wondering if anyone would like to share their stories of their first few days on SS, just to remind me that it's not just me, and that it is really hard until Ketosis kicks in, and that I really shouldn't give up!! Or just some general words of support?


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Hi Alli,

It isn't just you, I have been feeling quite sick today and have a headache (I'm on day 3). You will get through this stage and be feeling great about it in a few days. I would say hold off until your first weigh in before making a decision to leave the plan. I am sure by then you will be feeling better and the loss will spur you on, if you still feel rubbish, chat to your CDC and make a decision form there. Keep going. You know you can do it and you deserve it too. You have had a very tough time and the confidence knock affects so many things. Lossing the weight will help and you know this is absolutely the quickest way to do it.


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Thanks beccubug!

It's really nice to hear that I'm not the only one!! Last time I started SS, I got bad headaches, but I never felt sick, so its comforting to know that it doesn't mean there is something wrong with me! And yes, I'm sure I'll feel better after my first weigh in and it will encourage me to carry on!

Good luck yourself and hope we both get good results!

I am sure we will, just keep the end goal in mind. Always helps and if you find it too tough there is always ss+. That small meal can make all the difference and the average difference in losses is only 2lb's a month.


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Thanks! I never knew that there was such little difference! I'll see if I can stick it through to the WI as you suggested and if I need to from there, go on to the SS+!

Thanks again for your support!
Week one for me means headaches (I take paracetomol - why suffer) I'm freezing the whole time and no energy at all, I mean zero.
I've had a few re-starts on my journey and seems to be rythum with me - hit day 10 and it's soooooo much easier. I forget about the lack of food thing and am spurred on by the pounds falling off. Still have the odd hard day but nothing like the first 10 days.
You can do this ... I promise. Grit your teeth and drag yourself through the first week. It does get easier I promise.
Ask yourself - will food right now make you feel better about your dieting plans? Or hot bath, lots of layers and an early night. You'll wake up so proud of yourself.
hi ali
lm on day 3 of restart lm really feeling for you, also feel dire.but l seem to be the restart queen at this stage l really do hope l manage this time cos this really works lf done right, good luck l'll keep fingers crossed for both of us :D:D
Hi alli
This will all be so worth it when you get through week one. I have tended to be one of those people that will bravely attempt to do without paracetamols but I had no hesitation in using them to relieve the headaches I got in week 1 - after all this diet is tough without adding extra discomforts.
So, the message is to do anything that helps you get through to the point that you reach ketosis - as suggested, keep warm, early nights, some pampering treats, plenty of water to ease hunger pangs, black coffee helped me
Best of luck!
Hopefully that
Thank you everyone for your kind words and support! I have been going to bed, latest at 9pm and taking some headache pills and braving the hardest part. Today I am feeling a lot better. Not "great" yet, but a lot better. No headaches, not particularly hungry (though i wouldn't say I was content!) but still a little tired.

Does this mean that I am STILL not in Ketosis? On day 5?

Also, is anyone else like me and craving salty food? I am actually feeling really sick of sweet stuff, prob due to the fact that I find the shakes and the porridge SUPER sickly sweet. And for me the soups are quite chemical tasting (as in really fortified with vitamins). For some reason I'm craving subway? And this mexican salad that this salad shop called Vital ingrefients sells? hmm...

And thanks again to all of you!!

hi honey

If you have no headache and dont feel hungry you are in Ketosis and a fat burning machine hehe, stick with it and drink loads of water.

I messed around with it last year and lost quite a bit but my head wasnt with it I started again two weeks ago and lost 18Ib so far so im really happy it does work and I feel so much happier im 56Ib lighter and I want to be that thin person I used to be.

Good luck with it and when you feel pants come and chat there are some great people here and they really keep your spirits up.
I wouldn't worry about it. Give yourself a couple of weeks to get into the swing of things, I am really craving all sorts of food too, particularly Pizza, but it will start to ease off and the spur of the weight losses is really what keeps you going, but don't pay too much attention to the scales on a daily basis.
Scales- out the window!! (well, it's broken so no need, but you know what I mean!!;))

Beccubug- I actually agree about not paying attention to the scales. To be honest with you, I'm more looking forward to my measure in, as such than my weigh in. Because the measurements are actually what you feel, as opposed to the weight!!

Witchy- Indeed I will be on here quite a lot! Well done you for losing so much weight already!! yoop yoop! Keep going girl!! And do you know, that comment you made
If you have no headache and dont feel hungry you are in Ketosis and a fat burning machine hehe
... ahahha... i was out running an errand for my boss and I was marching around with the mantra "I'm a fat burning machine!" ahahahha. :p

Thanks for that!

x Alli x
Hi alli

Glad to see that you seem to have got through the worst. I am in the office ( everyone is packing up to go so no-one noticing that I'm on minimins) and I am absolutely freezing - this horrid ketosis!

But it does get better in week 2!
Week one, completed. Can't wait for my weigh in tonight!! Well, my measure in at least!!!

Blingbabe- I know what you mean! The moment my boss is away from his desk I am on minimins!! hehhee. Naughty Alli.:nono:
But this Ketosis freezing thing is very annoying!! It's mainly my feet and hands that are bothering me!!

Might I just add, this weekend was HARD. I somehow managed to get through it but I was hungry (erm.. isn't that not supposed to happen in Ketosis?) with actual noisy tummy grumbling!! I swear I haven't cheated, but why is this happening to meeeeeee!!!????:confused:

And thanks for all the continued support! We can do this guys!!!
Think its a weekend thing, I seem to crave food on a weekend, rest of the week im fine, glad you survived it and good luck with the weight in/measure in.
Thanks Witchy!! I guess working keeps one occupied!!! x
Hey Alli,

I always find I get hungry at weekends too, I think it is all in the mind. Good luck for tonight, I am sure the inches and the weight will be down. Can't wait to see how you do. And we can pat ourselves on the back for getting through the first week.

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