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Hi All,

I think I am going to do a 'formal' restart in my head for the Cambridge diet. The last few weeks have been kind of silly having gained almost 6 lb while still doing the diet but cheating quite a bit.

I'm going to re-evaluate what was working and what wasn't the first few weeks. I think I'm going to go back to SS because its so easy and I don't feel hungry during the day so it really is do-able. When I was talking about doing SS+ and 810 it was really just an excuse to eat bad foods. I'm going to make sure I read my list of reasons to lose the weight each morning and remind myself what the point is!

I've determined that a lot of the reason why I'm eating is that I'm associating food with stress management. I eat when I'm stressed and I'm not sure how I can disassociate those two things before I complete the diet. Does anyone have any tips on this?

I've also setup a cheat jar. If I cheat on a day, I owe my cheat jar $1 for every 100 kcal over 600 and for every 10 carbs over 70. I figure if I 'donate' anything it'll go towards my gym membership or the next purchase of CD!

Any other ideas? My water intake has been great, right around 3-4 liters so I'm not worried about that, just staying on track with having the shakes and nothing more!

By the way - thank you all for being so amazing. I don't know that I would have been able to do what I already have without you.
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Not sure how to disassociate stress and eating but break it once, feel the POWER over the food and it might be a snowball effect from then on that you might not want to jeopardise. Read some of the threads where people on here nearly gave into temptation but butched it out - they are buzzing with themselves - that's got to chase stress out of the way!
Good luck


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Hey there

Sorry getting going again is proving tricky. It's amazing, the mind games we play with ourselves, the way we can talk ourselves into completely irrational actions (like polishing off the leftovers before we get started on the diet, etc. :D)

But I'm starting to realise that dieting is all about mind games - and who wins those games, LOL. You, or that little gremlin on your shoulder. No wonder the Lighter Life people call it the 'chatterbox'. :)

Have you ventured into this part of the forum at all? Bring your Head Inside and your Body will Follow - - Weight Loss Support Forum

I highly recommend it. There's stacks of fabulous advice in there. Start with the stickied threads at the top and see what you think...

You can do this, hun!


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Aseyan, I am exactly the same, I associate food with happiness. When I was a girl, my homelife was not ideal, and at holidays I would be shipped of to my grandparents which was the happiest times of my childhood. My gran was such a lovely woman, and made all sorts of homemade food, all given to me with love. I realise my association is because of this. When i'm down/stressed etc I eat. Last year was the last year of my relationship with my ex, he had mental health problems and I was sooo stressed with it all. I started the lipotrim and failed because I realise now I was doing it for him, not me (he had said some pretty nasty things about my weight)...ultimately I failed. So, for me this time its just about me, there is no one in my life who can reinforce the low self esteem anymore, only I have the power to do it this time.

I see it like this, I have this inner dialogue inside of me. One side that loves and respects me and one side that wants to prove (to myself) I am actually a failure. I need to learn and recognise the sabotaging side, and stop it short when it starts to argue that I should eat/im not not worth it/I will fail etc. That side of me needs to go take a vacation whilst im doing this!! The other side that loves and respects me needs to be nurtured, so it becomes stronger. Ok its all well and good on paper lol, but i'm thinking about buying some (non diet related) books on self esteem and such like, also sound this out with my CDC.

I think its so important to look a bit deeper, someone mentioned hypnosis on a post a while back, I may look into that to!

Good luck xx