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.... restart ....

Hi all,

Ok, I'm grabbing the bull by the horns, and restarting tomorrow.

I did CD SS last year for 14 weeks and lost nearly 3 stone - and felt bl**dy fantastic! Then came Christmas. Then came a 2 week holiday in Florida. So here I am, wanting to lose 2 stone - I think I'm ready for it - i got back from my hols on Tuesday, and now all my clothes just feel tight and horrible, and I hate it! I put on 7lbs while I was on holiday (for 2 weeks in Florida I think that's good going!!) so I know soon as I lose that my clothes will feel much better - then I want to keep going and lose the last stone/stone and half.

To be honest, I feel a bit of a failure - I read all the posts on here about people who put weight back on, and thought - no way will that be me. And here I am. I feel as if I didn't learn anything about eating healthily etc - and just kept thinking 'doesn't matter if I eat, I can go on CD to lose it!' which is SO the wrong way of thinking! Hopefully I'll learn a little more this time round!

Anyway - Im starting for real tomorrow. I'm excited and scared at the same time - just looked back on my diary I did when I did it first time round, and the feelings of how the first 3 days felt came flooding back - so I may be on here a LOT as this website was a Godsend!

Used to post on the main forum, but I'm embarrassed to go back there and say 'I've failed', so If it's ok with you all, can I stay and play here?

Thank you, and look forward to getting to know you all, and already look forward to the support I know I'll receive from you all :)

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grab that bull .................... good luck xx


To infinity and beyond!
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Hi Sharon,

Also restarting tomorrow, I have some packs left from last time, but I have appt with my counsellor in the morning. Thought it best to start with a starting weight, etc.

Good luck for your restart :)


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It's tomorrow now, so I guess you'll be starting soon, if not already. Good luck with the restart. If it's any help, I struggled the first couple of days last time, but didn't actually feel hungry or bad at all this time...so there is hope! And you don't need to feel embarassed to post in the main forum, so many people do unfortunately put weight back on, but it's all part of one big learning curve, and you do learn from it. Everyone's so supportive too. Anyhow good luck with it, we all know you can do it!!



To infinity and beyond!
S: 23st7lb C: 15st13.5lb G: 14st7lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 7st7.5lb(32.07%)
Hi Sharon,

How is it going?
Hi all, thanks for your comments

Holly - Going well so far! Had a choc mint shake for breakfast, and a Banana tetra for lunch. Will prob have a choc shake for dinner. Haven't had much water yet, as I've been out shopping, so will do at least 2 litres before I go to bed (meaning an eventful night with trips to the loo!)

Feel hungry, but nothing I can't cope with at the moment - feel very motivated too, so that's good. How's it going with you?? I haven't gone back to my CDC yet - I've got a weeks left of sachets, so will call her to make an appt next week :)


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