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Committed Loser
I managed to get back to group last night. Just bit the bullet and rejoined. Felt awful but I know it'll be worth it.

Last time I never took my book as I didn't like seeing my weight written down so I'm forcing myself to this time, plus I'm going to fill in my food diary and fit log perfectly every single day. The little pack is going to be in my handbag constantly as a handy reminder.

Anyone who wants to keep kicking me up the backside please do. I'm 23 and feel like I have NO LIFE because of my weight. Why have I done this to myself?
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I will be a Princess!
Hiya hun! Well done on biting the bullet and rejoining SW! :) Also well done on taking your book with you - that's a big step.

I've been pretty much off plan for the last 2 months (I follow SW from home) so once I've weighed myself on Friday morning :eek: I think I'll join you in restarting SW! :D We'll both get there in the end :) Good luck hun! xxx


I will be a Princess!
I guess I'd say the main thing is that I'm more confident about myself. I'm by no means as slim as I could be, but when I look around me now when I'm out I think to myself 'well, they're not much smaller than me now' and it gives me a bit more of a confidence boost. I don't feel shy now when I'm chatting to new people (silly to worry about chatting to people really as my personality hasn't changed, but I did), and I get more men chatting me up ;) Haha!

I've also started wearing skirts and jumper dresses - that was a big step for me as I hadn't worn a dress since I was about 8!

In terms of energy - well I don't really feel any different. I guess that's more to do with my job (I'm a secondary school teacher) and the fact I'm studying part time towards a Masters degree. No rest for the wicked! It probably also doesn't help that I haven't managed to kick my smoking habit, oops :eek:

On the whole, I do feel a lot better, and once I've lost another stone or two I think I'll feel even better :) It's lovely to have the sense of achievement of losing weight, and you'll soon start to get that hun. I guess this is partly why I'm so annoyed with myself for all the faffing about I've done over the last 2-3 months. Big slap on the wrist for me, and time to move on, lol! :) xx


Committed Loser
What a thorough reply...thank you very much for all the detail. I completely understand the thing about being shy when talking to new people...I'm exactly the same. Looking forward to getting more confidence. I know my weight is all that holds me back confidence wise. I want to be able to believe the compliments I get, and get a whole lot more to boot!

I can't wait to be able to buy clothes from every shop and not just ones that do "plus sizes"...ie anything over a 16...

My energy level feels boosted already, whether thats motivation or what and when I lost weight before, despite still smoking, I felt great. I'm significantly bigger than you were though x

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