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  1. Truth0406

    Truth0406 Member

    Hello Everyone,

    I thought it was about time I introduced myself as I have been hanging around the past week haha

    Background: The reason I didn't succeed before was due to moving to Canada (they don't sell CD in Canada). I only stayed on the diet last time long enough to lose 20lbs and that was still very far from goal. Then when I was in Canada, I was in a car accident and after the injuries - I gained back the weight I'd lost and a bit more.

    Now: I am back in the UK as currently going through my PR application process, so will be moving back to Canada eventually. I figured while I was back in the UK, it was a good opportunity to get back into CD. I went to see my CDC on Thursday for my weigh in etc I actually lost 5lbs during the previous week, so that was a nice surprise. I got all my packs and started the next day. I am now on day 6 and it's actually been so much easier this time around to stick to than the first time!! Some days I am even having trouble getting the 3 packs in! I feel like I am forcing it down!! Which was good! I also have a lot of motivation - my partner proposed to me just before I left Canada, so I am looking forward to surprising him with the weightloss once I return!! It's been a lot harder being away from him than I thought it would be, but that is also helping me stay focused!!

    I am trying not to get my hopes up too much for my first WI. I lost 13lbs in the first week last time, but after losing 5lbs last week on my own and then TOM decided to show up a week early and I am feeling bloated from it - I will be happy with any loss!! Knowing I have stuck to SS 100% this week and that I have drank my the main hurdle. Then maybe it will reflect more on week 2 when TOM has bu*gered off!!

    Hope everyone is having a great week!!
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  3. onlyme!

    onlyme! is a naughty girl...

    Good luck but from the sounds of it you dont need it!
  4. Claudine004

    Claudine004 Oh Yea!


    Well done on getting through the first 6 days. Plain sailing from now on!!
  5. vickiabd

    vickiabd Full Member

    Good luck babe.. and congrats on ur engagement..xx
  6. fairyclairy

    fairyclairy Full Member

    Good luck with your restart and your engagement!

  7. k8te

    k8te Full Member

    Yes well done on getting back on cambridge, i have restarted today also, you have such motivation though, just imagine your fiance face when he see's you :flirt2: Have you told him or is it going to be one massive surprise :talk017:

    When is your weigh in day? x
  8. Truth0406

    Truth0406 Member

    Thanks for all the wonderful feedback.

    My weigh day is Friday! Kinda looking forward to it - despite being bloated due to TOM!!

    My fiance doesn't know I am on CD, but I did tell him I would like to lose 30lbs by the time I go back....obviously being on CD, I am hoping to lose a bit more than that in 3 - 4 months!!! I am looking forward to seeing his face....he might not even recognise me at the airport when he comes to meet me HAHA That will be awesome!!

    How's day one gone K8te?
  9. Watergirl

    Watergirl Rock Solid

    Hey Truth, congratulations on getting engaged! That's lovely news and a really powerful motivator. You could lose so much in the time between now and when you see him, that it really is possible he won't recognise you.
    Especially if you get new outfits, hair done etc - be like a proper makeover!!!

    I also found CD easier 2nd time round. Think it's because you know what to expect. Hope all goes well for you x
  10. Truth0406

    Truth0406 Member

    Hey Liz,
    I'm liking the fact it's easier this time around haha Think it's a mixture of knowing what to expect and staying focused on seeing my fiance again.

    I do plan on getting some new clothes haha I've even been thinking about what I am going to wear on the plane haha - something comfy, but also shows off how well I have done, but doesn't look too dressed up for a 10 hour flight!! Decisions!! Will also be getting my hair done too, nothing too drastic, just a few changes!!


    1st Weigh in tomorrow - feeling like I have bricks in my tummy! Stupid TOTM!!
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